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Reilly names attorney to defend Cape Wind ruling

As the state's top attorney, Reilly would normally lead the board's defense against an appeal filed by the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound when the Supreme Judicial Court in Suffolk County begins its review of the appeal in the next few months, with hearings expected later in the year. Instead, Reilly, who opposes the Cape Wind plan, has recused himself and appointed a special assistant attorney general from outside his office to represent the state board against charges that its approval process contained "procedural and substantive" flaws.
16 Feb 2006

Wind Turbines a bad idea

Take a good look at the beautiful skyline that you're proud to take pictures of and put them in your brochures and paper for Garrett County because it's fading, and once it's gone, it will be gone.
16 Feb 2006

Land claims behind wind project: Innu Nation

The head of the Innu Nation alleges that a proposed wind energy project near Churchill Falls is an attempt by the Métis to bolster their land claim in Labrador. Toronto-based Ventus Energy and the business arm of the Labrador Métis Nation want to build a $2.5-billion wind farm along the shores of the Smallwood Reservoir.
15 Feb 2006

Pro-Wind Farm Lobby Gets Firm

Campaigners fighting for a four- turbine community wind farm to be built in the Swansea Valley say they will present a strong case at the public inquiry. Last year Neath Port Talbot Council threw out moves to develop a wind farm at Mynydd y Gwrhyd. Now the Assembly's stand on wind farms is to be put to the test.
15 Feb 2006

WE Energies Explains Windmill Farm Plan

Plans for a large windmill farm in Fond du Lac County drew mixed reviews. WE Energies says the $250 million project includes 88 wind turbines, each over 250 feet tall. The windmill farm would span hundreds of acres covering land in both the towns of Calumet and Marshfield, hovering over Highway 41, in the northeast corner of the county.
15 Feb 2006

Letter to state rep about wind power

My state representative, Lucy Leriche, got back to me about my concern about her vote at the Northeast Kingdom Caucus meeting last week in favor of industrial development of our ridgelines. She clarified her position, which seems to be "trust the Public Service Board." I wrote back to her and clarified mine.
14 Feb 2006
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