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Energy solution more than wind

Should Vermont proceed on its own now, scar its ridgelines with industrial development and major road construction (as would be required by the Glebe Mountain proposal) in the belief that we would be doing "our part" in the effort to combat global warming? I think not —
6 Feb 2006

Go ahead for wind farm

TWENTY giant wind turbines CAN now be built at Conisholme Fen, the government has said. The Ecotricity scheme was backed by East Lindsey District Council in a controversial move last October.
4 Feb 2006

Selling Wind

It struck me that the wind farm is scheduled to be operating by 2008, only two years hence. I work on deadlines. I guessed, then, that all during the public hearing process, and the permit-application process, and the permission-to-build process, these guys will be building the project, anyway.
2 Feb 2006
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