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Citizens Do Have a Voice

While it is true that the Public Service Board (PSB) is the decision-maker, it is a disservice to suggest that the town is powerless before the board or that zoning and Act 250 have no bearing. Editor's Note: This letter was submitted to the Rutland Herald
20 Feb 2006

Wind farm potential grows

BATH | The potential for the wind industry in Steuben County is booming, with federal tax credits fueling plans for more than 250 skyscraper-sized wind turbines along the rural hillsides.
19 Feb 2006

Slippery Rock, Pine look windward

Slippery Rock University and Pine hope the answer to high energy prices may be blowing in the wind. The state university and the north suburban municipality both have projects in the works to harness wind power to meet some of their electricity needs.
19 Feb 2006

More Giant Turbines as Energy Drive Goes On

A SECOND wind farm of giant turbines could be built in South Gloucestershire as the drive for renewable energy sources gathers momentum. Spanish-owned Gamesa Energy is seeking planning consent to build a test turbine at Walning Farm, at Olveston, to check the potential of the site for generating electricity.
19 Feb 2006

If you say no to turbines, you're 'prejudiced'

Equally undemocratic is the revolution in local government brought about by the rules from Mr Prescott which allow "monitoring officers" to exclude any councillor from debates in which they are deemed to have a "prejudicial interest". This includes any councillor who has previously expressed any view on the issue, or even who can be shown to have discussed it with members of the public before it comes up for debate.
19 Feb 2006

Wind farm forums a success using high tech

In spite of the low turnout for last Saturday's final wind farm forum, the process made for civilized discussion on this controversial project. The town and village planning commissions worked with the Orton Family Foundation to hold a series of meetings at various locations to discuss the proposed five-turbine wind farm.
19 Feb 2006

Wind Power Developer Makes Offer To Towns

SUTTON -- UPC Vermont Wind Project Manager Tim Caffyn said Friday he has offered $100,000 in annual town tax payments if Sutton officials support the company's proposal for six wind turbines. He said he also has offered $300,000 in yearly town tax payments to neighboring Sheffield, where his company wants to put up 20 wind turbines.
18 Feb 2006

Mackinaw Power pulls out, then retracts

EAGLE HARBOR TOWNSHIP - Miscommunications may have helped to widen a potentially irreparable rift this week between Keweenaw County officials and Lowell, Mich.-based Mackinaw Power, LLC. The county has been in contract negotiations with the power company regarding possible wind turbine use on the north face of Mt. Horace Greeley in Eagle Harbor Township.
18 Feb 2006
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