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Stark warning on green energy

SCOTTISH Renewables, the green energy forum, warned yesterday that a victory for campaigners protesting against plans for a 137-mile power line through the Highlands would "kill the future of renewables in Scotland stone dead".
5 Dec 2005

Q & A with Rob Pratt

In this exclusive Q & A for, Mr. Pratt offers some of his insight gained toward advancing renewable energy at both the state and national level. He articulates some current hurdles and possible solutions for renewable energy, gauges the industry's pulse, and charts the course ahead. "The increasing emphasis on biofuels may be one area of agreement which could help to build coalitions in red and blue states, including farmers and the agricultural sector, the automotive industry, environmentalists and renewable energy advocates."
3 Dec 2005

Off with all their heads

In reality, nobody has a fog what will happen. This is Virtualia, not the UK. During the last year, global warming has been predicted to lead to wetter winters, drier winters, another ice age, blazing-hot Mediterranean summers killing thousands, greater biodiversity and less biodiversity
2 Dec 2005

Division on windfarm

OPPONENTS of the proposed Denmark windfarm claim the community is being unnecessarily divided by claims and counter-claims over the suitability of the Ocean Beach site. They say there has been a distortion of the facts, and have defended the Denmark Shire's rejection of the proposal. Land surveyor Peter Mortimer said the community had already shown it was strongly against the Wilson's Head site chosen by Denmark Community Windfarm Inc (DCW).
1 Dec 2005

Wind energy controversy grows

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," Dave Groberg, project developer for Invenergy Wind LLC told 60 members of Mountain Communities for Responsible Energy (MCRE) Tuesday at Williamsburg’s community center. "While many people find wind turbines graceful and attractive, others disagree." He was referring to the 131 wind turbines his Chicago-based company hopes to erect on the mountain ridges of northwestern Greenbrier County.
1 Dec 2005

Wind Power And The Public's Interest

Let's just change the names of where the wind power companies want to put their towers from East Haven Mountain, Hardscrabble Mountain, Granby Mountain, Libby Hill, Norris Mountain and the Lowell Mountain Range, to Burke Mountain, Jay Peak, Mount Mansfield, Camel's Hump, Killington Mountain and Mount Equinox. How much of a possibility of municipal approval of scores of 400-foot wind towers on those ridge lines do you think the wind power companies would get? We suspect they would have two chances - slim and none.
1 Dec 2005

Town to have its say on wind development

Whether the vote, which is nonbinding, has any influence on the proposed project is another question....The town selectboard has said it will respect the decision. The wind developer has made no such commitment. And the Public Service Board, which would ultimately approve or reject the project, is not bound by a town vote, although it could take it into consideration.
30 Nov 2005

Pathetic solutions

The motivating force for wind development is simple! MONEY! The huge amounts of federal government incentives such as subsidies, accelerated depreciation and green energy credits add up to millions of dollars for the wind developer.
30 Nov 2005

Need better answers

There are no answers about what happens when this project is at the end of its useful life and how it will be dismantled. If the answer "I don't know, but we will take care of it" was a home run, UPC would be batting 1,000.
30 Nov 2005

Public disinformation

The process is under the control of the developers and, to a lesser extent, state bureaucrats. Developers, with big bucks, pull no stops to get what they want. Some state bureaucrats see only "more taxes," while others want to feed the unsatiable power desires of growing population bases, such as in Chittenden County. And few state officials care at all about "us poor, ignorant folks" in rural areas of Vermont.
30 Nov 2005
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