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Turbines sizes at Altamont

Ca_turbinesizecomparison_thumb This composite image shows the relative size of the older turbines at the Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area and those replacing them. The smaller turbines are the Windmatic 65 kilowatt machines that stand 84 feet tall on four-leg lattice towers. The blade length is 7 meters. The larger towers are Mitsubishi 1 megawatt turbines installed in the Buena vista section of Altamont with blade lengths of 31 meters.
7 Dec 2011

Turbines add twist to cross case

The District 7 Commission of the ANR ruled that the cross was "shocking and offensive," and wants it down. State attorneys confirmed that the evidence has been reopened for the case, due to the erection of the wind towers, but declined to comment for the record. The judge is agreeable to admitting new evidence based on the wind towers being in the view shed, attorneys on both sides said.
20 Sep 2011

Outrage as Tory says wind farms are ‘raping' Scotland

"It was clear to anyone who attended the meeting and heard my speech on ‘The Renewable Rape of Scotland' that I was referring to the rampant desecration of the Scottish landscape by wind turbines. The only people who should feel insulted by them are those responsible for despoiling our unique landscape and environment with vast, unsightly and inefficient wind farms."
21 Aug 2011

Wind farms, environmental disasters

Environmentalists do not classify wind farms as having the same negative impacts on an area's natural beauty and habitat which other conventional projects would simply because they are willing to sacrifice an area's natural beauty, all the wildlife and some endangered species as well for natural renewable energy. This would be fine if wind farms were really contributing to reducing fossil fuel usage. However, nothing could be further from reality.
12 Aug 2011
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