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Anger as wind farm inquiry hit by delay

An independent Reporter appointed by the Scottish Government postponed a hearing on how the development would impact on birdlife until June because of a procedural matter. RSPB Scotland, which has objected to the 39-turbine development at Strathy South in the Flow Country of Sutherland, accused Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) of causing the delay by changing paperwork.
21 Apr 2015

Birds vs. blades: Wind power’s threat to the Sage Grouse

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is mulling whether to list the greater sage grouse as endangered this September. Impacts from wind energy development may play a role in that decision. ...Rutledge believes humanity needs to transition to clean power sources to combat climate change. But, he would vote for oil and gas development on sage grouse habitat over wind energy, if he had a choice.
19 Apr 2015

Second golden eagle found dead at Nevada wind farm

Conservationists are calling for regulatory action after the death of a second golden eagle in three years at a White Pine County wind farm that sells power to NV Energy. The body of the federally protected bird was found Feb. 9 near one of the massive turbines at the Spring Valley Wind Energy ...Operators of the wind farm reported the death to federal regulators and collected the juvenile bird’s carcass for further examination by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.
24 Feb 2015

Group retools petition requesting FWS permits for bird kills

The group filed a petition Thursday updating its December 2011 petition asking FWS to prepare a permitting scheme for wind energy projects. Fish and Wildlife denied that petition in March 2012. Michael Hutchins, who leads ABC’s wind energy campaign, said the new petition incorporates new science and regulatory ideas that add “further credence and justification” to an MBTA permitting regime.
18 Feb 2015

Commissioner to developer: Why did you ignore U.S. Fish and Wildlife

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wrote to the county in October to say land area within three miles of the Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay shorelines needs to be protected from wind energy development. Months later, planners gave the go-ahead to a developer with plans to put at least 20 wind turbines within two to three miles of Saginaw Bay. On Tuesday, County Commissioner Ron Wruble questioned why a developer would ignore the federal agency’s directive.
14 Feb 2015

FWS considers permitting for unintentional bird kills

The Fish and Wildlife Service is considering establishing a permitting system that would allow the legal, unintentional killing of the more than 1,000 bird species protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, a move that could offer legal certainty under a law fraught with ambiguity. Details of the plan are scant, but the effort is being closely watched by electric utilities, renewable energy developers and environmental groups, all of which have much at stake under the 1918 law.
13 Feb 2015

ABC Petition for new regulations governing wind energy impacts on birds

Abcwind_petition_letter-petition_thumb American Bird Conservancy (ABC) filed this formal petition with the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) calling for the agency to establish new regulations governing the impacts of wind energy projects on migratory birds. The ABC petition includes substantial revisions to an earlier petition filed by ABC in December 2011 that also called for wind industry regulatory action that would reduce the projected 1.4-2 million bird deaths expected to be caused by the industry when it reaches projected build out levels. The full petition with introductory letter can be accessed by clicking the links on this page. The letter is also provided in full on this page.
12 Feb 2015

Black Isle turbines plan ruffles bird expert's feathers

"I have been monitoring breeding red kites and ospreys in the forest for the past 20 years while employed by RSPB. The two chosen locations for the turbines are in close proximity to known traditional nesting sites and pose a direct risk to the movement of adult birds of prey of conservation value as well as the relic population of Capercaillie."
13 Jan 2015

Ratepayers shouldn't be on the hook

PacifiCorp, the parent company of Rocky Mountain Power, has been responsible for 38 dead golden eagles and killing at least 336 other protected birds with its wind turbines north of Glenrock. ...The federal government has fined PacifiCorp $2.5 million for this act, but Wyoming wildlife advocates and ratepayers need to be assured that the fine’s impact on PacifiCorp’s balance sheet will be borne by the shareholders only.
13 Jan 2015
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