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County says they must follow the rules

A realtor's survey in August found the values of homes adjacent to the wind farm had declined; and, in the case of Stan Mundy, whose property abuts the project, that his home was "virtually unsellable" at a reasonable price. It also found no area home sales had been made by realtors in over a year. But county records show 11 homes have sold in the past year (apparently through private sales).
5 Oct 2010

Properties ‘virtually unmarketable’

Taylor said in his report that rural property close to town is usually in good demand, and noted he’s the agent for one parcel in the area. He has had over 50 inquiries on his listing in about two months, but 40 dropped interest after learning about the location. “In follow-up with the inquiries, the number one reason for not having genuine interest in this property is because of the proximity of the wind towers.”
22 Sep 2010
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