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Few Wyoming wind projects making progress

Companies with projects and interest in Wyoming are slowly developing their projects, eyes on the day when they'll be able to transmit their product to customers in other states. But those projects, for the most part, are years from completion. Some may be a decade away from full service.
28 May 2013

Last defendant pleads guilty in wind farm fraud

Robert Arthur Reed, of Salt Lake City, pleaded guilty in federal court in Casper to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and conspiracy to launder money. Four other co-defendants have entered earlier guilty pleas. ...An indictment alleges that they hired phone solicitors to make cold calls to investors, urging them to invest in wind farms by falsely claiming they were being constructed jointly by private investors and the U.S. government.
22 May 2013

Wasatch back with the wind

Specifically, the company is asking for a 10-month extension of the July 18, 2013, deadline to meet Special Condition #19 requiring the company to provide evidence of sufficient financial resources to construct, maintain, operate, decommission and reclaim the facility. ...The Industrial Siting Council will meet at 10 a.m. on Monday June 24, 2013, to consider the company's request for the extension.
9 May 2013

3 face June trial in Wyoming wind farm fraud case

The indictment alleges they hired phone solicitors to make cold calls to investors, telling them that the wind farms were being constructed jointly by private investors and the U.S. government. The indictment lists victims only by their initials, stating that many of them mailed in checks for $25,000 or more. Prosecutors have declined to identify victims.
5 Apr 2013

New date set for Chokecherry state permit

PCW originally planned to file the application on Jan. 21, but decided to wait to apply to see what would happen with Senate File 49, which, if passed, would have required projects requesting a permit from the ISC to spend 25 percent of anticipated project funds during the first two years of the project.
20 Mar 2013

Wyo. dreams of marrying its wind to rich Calif. markets

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) is decidedly skeptical of proposals to import electricity to meet the state's renewable energy and climate change goals. Furthermore, the Wyoming wind and transmission projects continue to face delays in federal permitting -- even though projects such as these are typically granted priority status. And its developers have not yet lined up utility customers to purchase the power and cover the transmission costs.
19 Feb 2013

Massive Wyoming wind farm developer to seek state permit

The company held its application because of concerns over now-dead legislation which could have affected construction on the project. The bill in question, Senate File 49, would have required companies with large enough projects to spend at least 25 percent of the anticipated cost in the first two years after approval.
19 Feb 2013

Big bet on Wyoming wind: Phil Anschutz's latest $9 billion idea

Phil Anschutz - who has made money out of everything from a well explosion to a failing railroad - is looking to wager $9 billion on the fierce winds of Wyoming. Anschutz's Power Company of Wyoming is seeking to build the nation's largest wind farm and then ship the power to California over a 725-mile transmission line, the longest to be built in decades.
20 Jan 2013

Citizens' group loses Wyo. wind farm challenge

"While disappointed with the court's ruling, the Northern Laramie Range Alliance believes the outcome is not surprising: As far as we have been able to determine, the ISC has never declined to issue an industrial siting permit in its 40 years of existence," the statement said. The alliance's news release also noted that Edison is in bankruptcy.
18 Dec 2012

Wind turbine pressure change kills bats, research may help prevent future deaths

Miles away, wind turbines sat motionless in the windless night. Their spinning blades can be deadly to bats, bursting capillaries in their lungs before the blades hit their tiny bodies. Three Wyoming bats are particularly susceptible when they migrate from summer to winter ranges. Keinath and Abernethy were looking for bats to tell them which, if any, species called the area home.
30 Oct 2012

Environmental groups criticize Wind energy project

The Laramie-based Biodiversity Conservation Alliance is considering legal action because of its concerns that the Chokecherry Sierra Madre Wind Energy Project would devastate local sage grouse and golden eagle populations. The project, calls for the construction of 1,000 wind turbines on 219,707 acres of land in Carbon County.
15 Oct 2012

Salazar approves Chokecherry wind energy project

The site, which encompasses approximately 2,000 acres of public and private land, will be home to 1,000 wind turbines and produce 2,500 megawatts of electricity. Once completed the Chokecherry and Sierra Madre Wind Energy project will be the largest wind farm in the country.
12 Oct 2012
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