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Wind farm draws local interest

Several Rawlins residents at the open house were concerned about how the turbines will affect their view of Miller Hill, Sheep Mountain and other landmarks. Many people expressed disappointment some wind turbines would be visible from I-80. Residents were also concerned about the effect on hunting in the area.
23 Aug 2011

Wyoming board OKs wind farms near Glenrock

In deliberations before their decision, commissioners expressed concern about how the wind turbines would affect nearby landowners, which mirrored complaints from the alliance and others. Some commissioners also were deeply concerned about the financial stability of California-based Edison Mission Energy.
14 Jun 2011

Wyoming Legislature fails to settle eminent domain issue

There were fears that many landowners would not receive fair treatment and compensation in acquiring their land for the so-called connector lines because of the power of eminent domain hanging over their heads. With hundreds of turbines making up individual wind farms, the potential number of collector lines can be numerous and involve multiple landowners.
8 Mar 2011

Assessors deny key permit to developer

The town's three assessors voted unanimously to deny a permit to Highland Wind LLC, which wanted to string transmission wires over the southern portion of Rowe Pond Road. The wires are an essential component of the 39-turbine project in neighboring Highland Plantation and would have crossed near four houses and a small park in Pleasant Ridge Plantation.
26 Feb 2011

Project progress, impacts discussed at energy meeting

Doelger said there are a couple of big issues currently. One of the issues are the transmission lines in California. With the new administration in California, there is a lot of uncertainty with the market, he said. Doelger said Pathfinder is dedicating a lot of resources to California to sell their product there. The other issue is taxes in Wyoming.
11 Feb 2011

Where's the wind farm?

Construction of the first wind farm in Campbell County was supposed to start in September, but the company building it has put the project on hold indefinitely. ...But in the months following the council's decision plans changed ...The wind industry has taken a hit across the country because the recession depressed electricity demand and the lack of consistent federal legislation.
2 Dec 2010

Converse County approves wind farm regulations

The Converse County Commissioners faced a largely hostile crowd last week at a public hearing, and a subsequent vote, on the county's new commercial wind tower regulations. The hearing came as a controversial 62-tower wind generator project ...makes its way through local and state governments.
26 Nov 2010

Job creation isn't enough

Supporting wind turbines with the nation trillions of dollars in debt, with their minimal or nonexistent contributions to global warming and virtually no useful power generation, enormous cost and the "feel good" reason for their existence is like supporting an unemployed person taking his unemployment check and buying a hot tub.
18 Aug 2010

Officials in Medicine Bow, Gillette decide owning stake in energy generation is a good bet

Plenty of utility-owned wind turbines spin day and night within a stone's throw of Medicine Bow, but Mayor Kevin Colman says his town really hasn't benefited much. "All the energy is produced in Wyoming, it's shipped out of Wyoming. It never stays here," he said. He also says wind farms provide little employment. Even during wind-farm construction, out-of-state contractors usually bring the subcontractors with them.
1 Aug 2010

Wind farm gets Siting Council OK

Campbell County supported Third Planet getting the permit, but expressed several concerns about the project that it wanted addressed by the Siting Council, including a road use agreement, the set-back distance of the turbines and the bonding of the project.
14 Jul 2010

Wyoming Wind task force listens to concerns during conference

Terry Weickum, Carbon County Commission chairman said the issue [eminent domain] is particularly salient for Carbon County given the roughly 51 wind farms proposed in the county this time last year, two of which have come to fruition. "Not all of them will be built, but (it's) guaranteed some will," Weickum said. The results may mean the implementation of eminent domain or condemnation authority.
10 Jul 2010
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