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State joins feds in corridor effort

Energy corridors should enhance markets for both fossil-based energy as well as wind and other renewables, as the federal government prepares for a wave of electrical transmission and pipeline construction across the West.
7 Jul 2006

County wary of wind-data towers

Natrona County commissioners, on a 2-2 tie, on Wednesday defeated a request by Chevron-Texaco to erect three wind-data monitoring towers with the concern that the company eventually wants to erect as many as 20 240-foot tall turbines. This is not the proper place for this," commissioner Kathleen Dixon said before casting her "no" vote. "I will not let the nose of the camel into the tent."
6 Jul 2006

Wind firms eye southwest Wyo

GREEN RIVER -- Sweetwater County sits atop some of the nation's largest natural gas reserves, about a third of the world's natural soda ash supply and ample reserves of coal and oil. But not all of the county's untapped energy resources lie underground. County officials say a lot of it passes right over head on those blustery, windy Wyoming days
12 Feb 2006
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