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Sweetwater County halts wind farm applications

The Sweetwater County Commission approved a temporary halt to applications for commercial wind farms, pending changes in county rules and public meetings. The county has not met state standards for wind farm zoning, and Commission Chairman Wally Johnson said that the county is not ready for any new wind farm projects.
15 Feb 2012

Mead says changing wind energy tax unlikely

Mead has expressed concern that the higher taxes might make wind energy companies look outside Wyoming. Nonetheless, the Legislature's Joint Revenue Interim Committee last fall rejected the governor's proposal to continue the tax exemption for wind energy projects while imposing a lower 2 percent impact fee on wind projects to support county governments.
27 Jan 2012

Commission comments on wind farm proposal

The county requests the most restrictive development criteria be placed upon enXco uniformly on lands under BLM administration as well as privately-owned and state-owned lands. The project will encompass a total of 7,652 acres -- 48 percent of which is privately owned, 44 percent under the BLM's administration.
22 Dec 2011

New wind transmission approach urged

Rather than see building more transmission as the solution, though, Bowman sees its drawbacks as a symptom of a bigger problem: a highly centralized power system. "I'm going to predict the day of very large transmission lines to carry energy from remote areas to urban centers are about over," he said. "What I do think you'll see happen is smaller projects that are built to accommodate the existing system you have in the rural electric districts and to move that power to the cities that way. I think there will be a different model."
3 Dec 2011

Wind tower manufacturing put off

Construction on a wind tower manufacturing facility that was supposed to employ 150 in Laramie County has been delayed until at least next spring. This throws up "caution flags," said Randy Bruns, CEO of Cheyenne LEADS, the economic development corporation for Cheyenne and Laramie County.
2 Dec 2011

How many dead eagles?

The available data, science and policy haven't caught up with the pace of wind energy development. Still, wind energy development is apparently killing golden eagles, which seem especially susceptible to collisions with the turbines.
29 Nov 2011

As new wind farm looms, Wyoming county eyes its wind projects, power lines

"I think it's fair to say our commission is torn about the wind projects in our county," he said. "It's hard to argue against green energy, but quite honestly, is it any more economical than other forms of energy, if the tax incentives weren't in place?" Reid's concerns about the value of wind energy match those in the larger national debate about renewable, or "green," energy.
20 Nov 2011

Mead adviser warns taxes could hurt wind projects

Policy advisers to Mead as well as lobbyists for the wind energy industry had testified in favor of the bill. Its defeat by the committee leaves no apparent barriers to the state's starting to impose sales and use taxes on wind projects next year. In addition, the state next year is set to start imposing a $1-per-megawatt tax on wind energy production.
29 Oct 2011
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