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Indiana New York Wisconsin Wind and worth: Realtors, auditor, study and court ruling weigh in on turbines and property values 13 Jan
Wisconsin Brown County hosts special meeting on wind turbine health effects 28 Sep 2017
Wisconsin Glenmore panel recommends Duke Energy fix Shirley Wind issue in 90 days, or risk permit 22 Sep 2017
Wisconsin Manitowoc County seeks state wind study 21 Dec 2016
Wisconsin A question of need: Court to hear challenge to high-voltage line 10 Oct 2016
Wisconsin Wind farm shutdown brings neighbors relief 19 Sep 2016
Wisconsin Concerns registered over wind turbine noise results 21 Jul 2016
Wisconsin Shirley Wind Farm health ruling stays in place 20 Jul 2016
Wisconsin Health director shouldn't ignore victims 10 Jul 2016
Wisconsin Wisconsin PSC defies court order; Relaxes requirements on Highland wind 8 Jul 2016
Wisconsin Regulators relax wind farm noise standards 7 Jul 2016
Wisconsin Shirley Wind Farm opponents see ray of hope 3 Jul 2016
Wisconsin New Wisconsin wind farm to be built next year, three other projects eyed in state 9 Jun 2016
Wisconsin Calls for dismissal of Health Director Chua Xiong’s determination concerning Shirley Wind 1 Jun 2016
Wisconsin Board "stacked against" Shirley Wind critics 26 May 2016
Wisconsin Brown County quietly paid $61K to ex-attorney 15 May 2016
Wisconsin Money, politics should not trump health 6 May 2016
Wisconsin Study: No evidence wind turbines cause health issues 12 Apr 2016
Wisconsin Health chief got 'such migraines' at wind farm 22 Mar 2016
Wisconsin County Health Officer Admits Feeling Ill When Near Duke’s Shirley Wind Turbines 20 Mar 2016
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