Documents from Wisconsin

Wisconsin Village of Montfort Appraisal: Impact of Cardinal-Hickory Creek Project 25 Apr 2019
Wisconsin Professional Caution to Brown County Health Director Chua Xiong 23 Feb 2016
Wisconsin CEnergy-Glenmore Wind Farm #1 v. Town of Glenmore 7 Aug 2014
Australia Wisconsin Dr. Jay Tibbetts: Wind turbines impact human health 18 Mar 2014
Wisconsin Town of Forest Petition for Judicial Review: Highland Wind Farm 10 Jan 2014
Wisconsin Direct Testimony of Paul D. Schomer re: Highland Wind proposal 29 Jul 2013
Wisconsin CEnergy-GLENMORE WIND v TOWN OF GLENMORE 3 Jul 2013
Wisconsin Wisconsin Towns Association adopts wind turbine moratorium resolution 21 Jan 2013
Wisconsin Low Frequency and Infrasound at the Shirley Wind Farm in Brown County, Wisconsin 24 Dec 2012
Wisconsin Brown County Board of Health Resolution Requesting Emergency State Aid 12 Jan 2012
Wisconsin Wisconsin Citizens Safe Wind Siting Guidelines 6 Dec 2011
Wisconsin Ground Current Investigation at Denmark, WI Residences 28 Nov 2011
Wisconsin How and why environmental noise impacts animals: an integrative, mechanistic review 14 Oct 2011
Wisconsin An open letter from Wisconsin farmer who regrets signing a wind contract 1 Jun 2011
Wisconsin Invenergy letter withdrawing Ledge Wind Energy application 21 Mar 2011
Wisconsin Forest Voice LLC federal suit: Allege violations of due process and equal protection 9 Feb 2011
Wisconsin Wisconsin Commissioner recommends added protections for those harmed by wind turbines 31 Aug 2010
Wisconsin Health impact and setback guidelines for Wind Siting Council 10 Aug 2010
Wisconsin Wisconsin Wind Siting Council Final Report 9 Aug 2010
USA Wisconsin Siting of wind turbines with respect to noise emissions and their health and welfare effects on humans 6 Jul 2010
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