Library from Wisconsin

Wisconsin Duke Energy disappoints – Offers no solutions 4 Feb 2015
Wisconsin Wind siting report not to be trusted 5 Jan 2015
Wisconsin 'Health hazard' ruling settles nothing 13 Nov 2014
Wisconsin County's next move on wind turbine issue? Unknown 12 Nov 2014
Michigan Wisconsin Wisconsin Wind Turbines Declared Health Hazard 8 Nov 2014
Wisconsin Health officials weigh next step in wind turbine battle 27 Oct 2014
Wisconsin Health Board says the Shirley Wind Project is a health hazard 17 Oct 2014
Wisconsin DUKE ENERGY's Shirley Wind turbines declared a "Human Health Hazard" 16 Oct 2014
Wisconsin Brown County Board of Health declares Shirley Wind facility 'Human health hazard' 16 Oct 2014
Wisconsin Highland Wind asks for extra time on Wisconsin project 11 Sep 2014
USA Wisconsin As wind power surges, opposition grows 8 Sep 2014
Wisconsin CEnergy-Glenmore Wind Farm #1 v. Town of Glenmore 7 Aug 2014
USA Wisconsin Conservancy: USFWS guilty of violating Bald Eagle Act 25 Jul 2014
Wisconsin Regulators move to change incentive provisions for renewable energy 10 Jul 2014
USA Wisconsin Mukwonago company finds its place in the wind turbine industry 20 Jun 2014
Wisconsin Court upholds wind turbine siting rules 25 Mar 2014
Australia Wisconsin Dr. Jay Tibbetts: Wind turbines impact human health 18 Mar 2014
Wisconsin Woman wins open meetings fight over wind turbines 14 Mar 2014
Wisconsin Bill for increased renewable energy production introduced despite imminent failure 3 Mar 2014
Wisconsin Suit filed over wind farm plan 28 Jan 2014
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