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Health officials weigh next step in wind turbine battle

The county's Health Board this month declared the Shirley Wind Farm operated by Duke Energy Renewables poses a health risk to its neighbors in the town of Glenmore. Three families have moved out of their homes rather than endure physical illness they blame on the low-frequency noise the wind turbines generate, according to Audrey Murphy, president of the board that oversees the Brown County Health Department.
27 Oct 2014

DUKE ENERGY's Shirley Wind turbines declared a "Human Health Hazard"

The declaration of Duke's Shirley Wind turbines as "Human Health Hazards" follows a year long study linking the signature of inaudible low frequency noise (created by the passing of the massive turbine blades past their supporting towers) to the homes that have been abandoned and to the homes where people continue to suffer. 
16 Oct 2014

As wind power surges, opposition grows

Most of the wind-power capacity is within Republican congressional districts, but many politicians in the party have made ending the tax credit part of their agenda. This year, efforts to extend the tax credit have made little headway in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.
8 Sep 2014

Mukwonago company finds its place in the wind turbine industry

Gearboxes can fail in their first three to five years if there was a design flaw, or within six to 10 years from general wear and tear. Each year a growing segment of the wind turbine market ages and gets closer to gearbox failures, Neumiller said. ..."We're seeing the wear-related failures now and our customers' failure rates are increasing rapidly."
20 Jun 2014

Court upholds wind turbine siting rules

The Wisconsin Realtors Association, Wisconsin Builders Association, Wisconsin Towns Association and others filed suit, claiming that Public Service Commission rule 128 is invalid because it was installed without a housing impact report. A Brown County judge upheld the PSC’s rules and Tuesday’s decision affirmed that ruling.
25 Mar 2014

Woman wins open meetings fight over wind turbines

Susan Lodl was taken aback when she and other residents in the Sheboygan County village of Cascade received postcards in 2009 describing plans to use about $500,000 of village money on two wind turbines to power a new wastewater treatment plant. ...Lodl said she found a pattern of vague and misleading agenda items that failed to give residents proper notice and a chance for input.
14 Mar 2014

Suit filed over wind farm plan

A St. Croix County town has filed suit to block construction of a wind farm proposed by Emerging Energies. The $250 million project, the Highland Wind Farm, has been on the drawing board for several years and was initially rejected by the state Public Service Commission. The commission later reconsidered and gave the project the go-ahead last fall.
28 Jan 2014

Town of Forest petitions for Judicial Review: Highland Wind Farm

“Should the project build, we expect the same ratio of illness and property devaluation as the Town of Glenmore, WI has experienced with Shirley Wind, also developed by Emerging Energies,” said Salseg. Residents, industry experts, and the Brown County Board of Health believe the Shirley illnesses are the result of exposure to low frequency sound, infrasound, and electrical pollution that did not exist before the eight 500-foot turbines became operational. Three families have abandoned their homes and fifty affidavits document similar negative health effects for other Glenmore families.
25 Jan 2014

St. Croix County wind energy project dispute pits neighbor vs. neighbor

A dispute over a proposed wind farm in northeastern St. Croix County has blown a huge hole in the normally tight-knit fabric of the farming community where the project’s developer hopes to build the $250 million project. That may be the only thing opponents and advocates in the town of Forest agree on about the Highland Wind Farm, which would consist of up to 44 wind turbines, each nearly 500 feet tall to the tip of the highest blade, generating a total of 102.5 megawatts of electricity.
2 Dec 2013

Wind turbine controversy blows back into legislature

Its author is Senator Frank Lasee of Green Bay. He’s been tilting his legislative sword against wind turbines for years. He says it’s his duty. “I don’t want people harmed by wind. Period! I don’t care if we have them in the state or not, truly. I don’t care about wind one way or another, but I don’t want people harmed like the people I represent, who have truly, drastically, dramatically harmed by this and we don’t seem to care. And that bothers me a lot and this is a redress for those people.”
22 Nov 2013
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