Documents filed under Zoning/Planning from Wisconsin

Wisconsin Wind Siting Council Final Report

Wsc_final_report_and_cover_letter_8-9-2010_thumb This document represents the WI Wind Siting Council's final recommendations to the Public Service Commission regarding the proper siting of wind energy facilities. The Council was unable to achieve consensus on its findings and recommendations. Included in the document is a minority report prepared by four of the fifteen members sitting on the Council. Appendix B contains the straw proposal proffered by the Chairman of the Council, Dan Ebert. The straw proposal formed the basis of the recommendations.
9 Aug 2010

Town of Holland wind energy conversion system (WECS) ordinance

Hollandwind_energy_ordinance_draft-final_thumb The township of Holland in northeastern Wisconsin recently drafted an ordinance to protect the health and safety of its residents from Invenergy LLC's proposed plan to build industrial wind turbines within 1000 ft. of residences. After extensive study and review of wind turbines and their effects on people, wildlife, farm animals, and land, the town wind study committee, planning commission, and town board unanimously approved increasing the set-back to 2640ft(1/2 mile) from occupied structures and limiting noise to a maximum of 35 decibels. A summary of the ordinance is below. The full ordinance can be accessed by clicking on the link(s) at the bottom of the page.
1 May 2010

Town of Ridgeville, WI wind energy ordinance

Ridgeville_wind_ordinance_thumb At the August 4, 2008 town meeting, the Town of Ridgeville located in Monroe County Wisconsin passed a wind ordinance to govern placement of wind energy turbines in the town. Section VI of the ordinance establishes the development and performance standards to be adhered to, including turbine sound limits and setbacks. The full ordinance can be accessed by clicking on the link below.
4 Aug 2008

Clay Banks Township, WI wind energy ordinance

Clay_banks_wind_ordinance_comm._approved_05.03_1__thumb The Township of Clay Banks, Wisconsin approved a wind energy ordinance to govern the construction of wind energy conversions systems (turbines) within the Township's boundaries. The full ordinance can be downloaded by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page. The sections on Noise and Setback requirements are excerpted and presented below.
3 May 2008

Calumet County wind ordinance

Calumetcountywiordinance_thumb The Calumet County Board of Supervisors of Calumet County Wisconsin adopted an ordinance governing sound levels and setbacks pertaining to industrial-scale wind turbines. The text of the ordinance adopted appears in the file linked to this page -- Chapter 79 of the ordinance. Click on the link to download the document and go to pdf page 266 of 325.
18 Mar 2008

Trempealeau County: Wind generator and wind generating facility ordinance (WI)

Ord_-_wind_ordinance_11-28-07_thumb This ordinance was adopted by the Trempealeau County Board in a 10-6 vote (see: ). The ordinance distinguishes between three types of wind turbines including hobbyist, personal, and commercial. Commercial turbines include a 1-mile setback from habitable structures. The ordinance provides a comprehensive section on noise level limits for the turbines including specific requirements pertaining to pre- and post- construction noise studies. The adopted ordinance which can be downloaded below was sent to IWA by the Trempealeau County Clerk Paul L. Syverson.
17 Dec 2007
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