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Small town caught in wind farm vortex pays $50,000 to settle suit over sign ordinance

Plans for more of the giant turbines have spun up a deep philosophical split between neighbors who favor or oppose wind farms. As more towers arose, so did big yard signs opposing wind energy ...On Tuesday, their attorneys, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, announced that town and its insurers agreed to pay the couples $30,000, plus $20,000 in attorney fees.
1 May 2013

Wind developer seeks rehearing after Wisconsin PSC's split decision

A wind farm developer is making one more effort to persuade state regulators that the turbines it wants to build will meet Wisconsin's noise standards. In a filing with the state Public Service Commission, Emerging Energies said it was providing new information demonstrating it could comply with a 45-decibel noise standard at night for nearby homes.
5 Apr 2013

Lawmaker takes aim at wind farms

State Senator Frank Lasee says he knows of at least three families from Brown County who have been driven from their homes after 500 foot industrial wind turbines went up nearby. He says those families started to experience physical symptoms they believe were linked to the devices, so they left the homes they loved.
1 Apr 2013

Wind farm application denied, but...

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin voted 2-1 on Thursday, Feb. 14, to deny an application from Highland Wind Farm, LLC, for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to construct a 102.5 megawatt (MW) wind electric facility in the Towns of Forest and Cylon in St. Croix County. The action, however, does not mean the project is dead.
23 Feb 2013

Wind farm proposal rejected, developer plans another try

Mundinger said the developer would take the noise concerns into account but was not giving up on the project. "We believe that sound, from what we've heard, is a big concern, and we believe we can address that and we believe we have a pathway to get the (project permit) in short form," he said. "We want to make sure we address the sound and be able to move this project forward."
15 Feb 2013

Wind farm defense not very reassuring

This situation comes down to who should control your property and neighborhood environment - residents or industry? The only way to take back the right to refuse risky, involuntary technologies is through statewide administrative code changes. Contact state lawmakers today to support a new code that gives you the right to reject these dubious installations.
1 Oct 2012

Beautiful Hill Wind Farm draws supporters, opponents

County Executive and State Rep. Bob Ziegelbauer, I-Manitowoc, voted against the state legislation usurping local control over wind tower siting. "Manitowoc County went through the process ... the agony ... of trying to properly address all the different points of view and came up with a compromise passed with a broad majority of supervisors," Ziegelbauer said Friday.
9 Sep 2012

Most residents are opposed to wind farm

It is alleged that many dozens of residents are in favor of the proposed project. Ironically the majority of the townships residents do not agree. Many homeowners in our township are extremely concerned that this project will in fact have a detrimental effect on our health, our property values and our environment.
2 Sep 2012
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