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Minn. regulators OK Alliant wind farm

Wisconsin Power & Light Co. won approval Thursday from regulators in Minnesota to build a wind farm in southern Minnesota to supply renewable energy to its Wisconsin customers. ...Exactly when construction on the project will begin remains unclear, because of uncertainty about the Wisconsin lawsuit.
1 Oct 2009

More blowback: Suit challenges Alliant wind farm

State regulators set a bad precedent for other energy projects when they gave the go-ahead to Alliant Energy Corp. to build a $497 million wind farm in Minnesota, two energy customer groups say. The groups filed suit in Dane County Circuit Court on Friday to protest the vote by the state Public Service Commission to approve the project under a less rigorous review procedure than is typically required of major energy projects.
28 Aug 2009

Friesland looks to protect itself from wind farm

Members of the village of Friesland's planning commission Tuesday shared horror stories of a wind farm in a nearby county, but said that the prospect of another wind farm near the village is only one of many reasons why Friesland wants to extend its zoning authority up to 1.5 miles from the village limits.
27 Aug 2009

Calumet County awaits wind turbine energy ruling

Calumet County officials are awaiting word on whether the state Supreme Court will review a decision that invalidated its restrictions for wind turbine construction. While they wait, supervisors are working on ordinance changes they say would make their rules valid should justices decline to take the case.
24 Aug 2009

Board OK's turbine moratorium

Among agenda items that moved quickly through the docket during the July 21 Calumet County Board of Supervisors meeting was verbal discourse on the moratorium on wind energy development. As reported previously in the Tri-County News, the District 2 Court of Appeals in Waukesha ruled that local governments cannot make broad-based rules controlling wind turbine projects. Given the July 15 decision ...the board voted to postpone development of wind energy facilities in Calumet County.
19 Aug 2009

Wind industry downturn hits Alliant

As if falling power sales and record cold July weather weren't enough challenges for Alliant Energy Corp., the company's wind-power construction business is also seeing sales slide. A downturn in the wind power industry led Alliant to reduce its earnings forecast Thursday ...So far this year, wind development has slowed as developers have had trouble getting financing for new projects.
6 Aug 2009

Court ruling rebuffs Dane County on power line permits

American Transmission Co. has won another round in a legal battle with Dane County over the county's ability to make the utility apply for local permits for power-line projects. ...The appeals court ruiling found that local units of government don't have jurisdiction over power lines in areas where the PSC has exercised its authority.
23 Jul 2009

County fires back against wind farms

Calumet County officials are one-upping an appeals court ruling overturning a wind farm ordinance by slamming the door on all such projects until further notice. The County Board of Supervisors has passed a moratorium on all new wind farm projects until the end of the year or until the county passes zoning ordinance with turbine setback distances and noise limits.
23 Jul 2009

Hearing on wind farm delayed

A public hearing on a wind energy project proposed for northeast Columbia County that had been scheduled for last week has been delayed to late October or early November, to give the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin more time to study the project's potential environmental effects.
21 Jul 2009

Fight forming over wind farm transmission lines

The state's search beyond its borders for wind power sources is setting the stage for a battle over construction of transmission lines to carry that electricity to Wisconsin. "I think wherever the lines are going to go, there's going to be opposition," said Jim Danky, director of the citizens group Preserve Our Rural Landscape Ltd., which fought American Transmission Co. LLC's recently approved transmission line from Rockdale to West Middleton.
9 Jul 2009

Outdated transmission system stalls progress on wind power

Wind has become the nation's most viable renewable energy option, and industry experts see plenty of potential in Wisconsin as policymakers demand that a larger percentage of energy come from wind, the sun and other clean-energy sources. ...a major question remains: how to move electricity from the wind-swept prairies where it's generated to the big cities where it's needed.
23 Jun 2009

Many roadblocks to getting wind energy going on Great Lakes

A U.S. Department of Energy chart shows an inherent problem with offshore wind on the Great Lakes. When the wind is blowing the hardest, the region's need for electrical power is at its lowest -- say on a February winter night as a snow storm moves across Lake Michigan. And, on July afternoons during a summer heat wave, the winds on the lakes are the calmest but energy needs the highest with air conditioner use.
19 Jun 2009

Westby wind energy project stalled

The Westby Wind Energy project, which has been in the works for over three years suffered a set back recently as Eco-Energy and WPPI try to solicit new backing for the project after a number of the major players were forced to scale back their investments due to the nationwide economic crisis.
10 Jun 2009

Tab for We Energies wind farm falls by $112M

Falling prices for wind turbines will bring down the cost to build a new large wind farm in Columbia County, We Energies says. "Market conditions for the procurement of wind turbine equipment have changed considerably" since the utility first submitted its proposal to the state Public Service Commission, We Energies said in a filing with state regulators.
3 Jun 2009

Is the answer blowin' in the wind? Turbines are greener, but can be deadly to birds

A proposed bill to streamline regulations for small to mid-size wind energy developments is backed by clean energy advocates but questioned by groups seeking to ensure the safety of wildlife. The bill, coauthored by state Sen. Jeff Plale (D-South Milwaukee) and Rep. Jim Solestki (D-Green Bay), seeks to limit local control over the construction of new wind farm projects by directing the Public Service Commission (PSC) to create uniform approval standards. A nearly identical bill was proposed in the last legislative session. Committee hearings were held, but the session ended before any action was taken.
7 May 2009

Opponents want wind farms put on hold

Wind energy opponents packed the town of Randolph Hall Monday evening to ask that the town board put plans for a wind farm on hold until issues such as setback and noise levels can be resolved. Town board members said they would receive anti-wind farm petitions, signed by at least 129 people, but would consult their attorney, John St. Peter (whose office is in Fond du Lac), before considering any action.
4 May 2009
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