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Public Service Commission approves Mineral County wind project

The West Virginia Public Service Commission on Monday approved a permit to allow up to 23 wind turbines to be built atop a 3.5-mile stretch of Green Mountain in Mineral County, a few miles west of Keyser. Pinnacle Wind Force, a subsidiary of Greensburg, Pa.-based US Wind Force, filed the permit application on March 17, but the project has been in development since 2002.
12 Jan 2010

Pinnacle wind project's PSC deadline Monday

The West Virginia Public Service Commission is scheduled to issue a decision in the next few days on a wind energy developer's application to build wind turbines in Mineral County. The deadline for the decision is Monday, but it could come as soon as the end of this week, according to commission spokeswoman Sarah Robertson.
8 Jan 2010

Pinnacle wind farm vote set for Monday

After several years of study, many months of local debate and nearly a year of intense review by the West Virginia Public Service Commission, the proposed Pinnacle Wind Farm is approaching the decisive "no" or "go" vote from state regulators. If approved, however, actual construction of the wind farm may be delayed beyond 2010, as the project developer negotiates with the University of Maryland.
7 Jan 2010

Bat ruling casts shadow on MD wind projects?

A Maryland federal court ruling last week put a severe crimp in an industrial-scale wind project in West Virginia. Could it do the same for smaller projects planned in western Maryland? ...Invenergy issued a statement after the Dec. 8 ruling saying it would seek such a permit, according to The New York Times. In the meantime the judge said the turbines already up could only be operated in winter, when the bats are likely to be hibernating.
14 Dec 2009

Developing wind power not easy task

West Virginia is the third-largest producer of wind power in the eastern United States, but as a judicial decision in Maryland this week shows, developing the resource isn't easy. ...Titus ordered the project halted until Beech Ridge and Invenergy, its corporate parent, obtain a permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Titus also said the company cannot operate any of the project's 40 existing turbines between April 1 and Nov. 15.
11 Dec 2009

Boundary commission says surveyor's line is correct

The commission was appointed by West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin, at the request of the Pocahontas County Commission. The PCC questioned the border after surveyor Jeff Hiner of Monterey marked the border more closely than the established U.S. Geological Survey line. Hiner had been hired by Highland New Wind Development LLC to survey property owned by the McBride family, which is erecting a 38-megawatt wind energy utility in Highland County, Va. When Pocahontas learned of the new survey, officials were concerned about the accuracy of the border, since at least one of the turbines was within a few feet of the state line.
19 Nov 2009

Numbers questioned in wind farm project

Opponents of a Mineral County wind farm project maintain it will have little impact on the power grid and the reduction of greenhouse gases. Testimony began Monday in a West Virginia Public Service Commission evidentiary hearing on the Pinnacle Wind Force project. Plans are to build 23 wind turbines on top of Green Mountain near Mount Storm. Attorney Bradley Stephens, representing the opponents, questioned US Wind Force Vice President David Friend during Monday's proceedings.
26 Oct 2009

PSC Takes Up Wind Farm

A controversial wind farm project in Mineral County goes before the state Public Service Commission starting Monday. The PSC will hear evidence from Pinnacle Wind Force, the group hoping to build 23 wind turbines on top of Green Mountain near Mt. Storm.
26 Oct 2009

Barbour updated on AES wind turbine project

A representative from AES provided the Barbour County Commission with an updated timeline for the wind turbine project and requested commissioners pass a resolution to appoint a company to conduct a decommission study to determine the cost to take the windmills down when the time comes.
6 Oct 2009

Majority of attendees back wind farm

Nearly 100 people attended West Virginia Public Service Commission's hearing on the Pinnacle Wind Farm, Thursday afternoon at the Mineral County Courthouse, with all but one of more than two dozen speakers backing the project for its economic impact, clean energy and even visual appeal. ...The deadline for a decision on the project is Jan. 11. If approved, WindForce officials hope to have the wind farm operational by the end of 2010.
25 Sep 2009

Commissioners hear information on possible Pluto wind farm project

Raleigh County commissioners interrupted their regular meeting Tuesday to host a public information hearing regarding a proposed Pluto wind farm. ...Although a property in Pluto owned by Earl Long has been identified as one possible spot for a wind farm known as Angel Winds, Jobs Project Director Eric Mathis was quick to point out the project was not currently "moving forward."
16 Sep 2009

Public opinion heard on proposed wind farm

A proposed wind farm gets some countywide attention. Tuesday the Raleigh County Commission hosted a public hearing as a way to educate community members. Earl Long and his family want to install several wind turbines on their land in Pluto, but there are regulatory hoops to get through. It could take three years before anything happens.
15 Sep 2009

Developers make progress atop East River Mountain

The developers of a proposed large-scale wind turbine farm for Tazewell County have been quietly making progress high atop East River Mountain. A meteorological tower to study wind speed and direction has been erected on the mountain. A number of geo-technical studies, along with wildlife and avian studies, also are continuing at the Tazewell County site, Ryan Frazier, a senior communications specialist with Dominion Energy, said.
6 Sep 2009

Wind project still faces challenges

As Highland New Wind Development pushes to get roads installed and fields leveled for foundations, efforts to build its 38-megawatt wind-generating utility here aren't proceeding smoothly. Obstacles abound, in the form of legal challenges, allegations of not meeting state requirements, and an Erosion and Sediment control plan state officials have found lacking. All of that is coupled with an ongoing assertion from West Virginia officials who say Virginia, and Highland County, had no right to approve a facility that crosses state lines.
3 Sep 2009

WindForce panel this Thursday

US WindForce will conduct the regular month meeting of its Community Advisory Panel Thursday night at the WindLea Banquet Center, with a state energy official to address the group on the eve of the West Virginia Public Service Commission's hearing on the proposed 23-turbine wind farm. Bill Willis, a program coordinator with the West Virginia Division of Energy, will be the guest speaker for the meeting.
1 Sep 2009

Virginia wind power project draws flak from across the border -- wherever that is

As a 19-tower wind turbine project nears the construction stage in Highland County, Va., just across the state line from Pocahontas County, it faces a whirlwind of objections from both sides of the border -- including a dispute about just where the border lies. The project also has drawn fire from Civil War battlefield preservation groups for the negative effects the wind farm would have on West Virginia's Camp Allegheny.
29 Aug 2009

Pocahontas, West Va. considers legal action

Where is the state line? Pocahontas officials would like to know. The Pocahontas County Commission met Thursday and in an occasionally heated discussion, agreed Highland New Wind Development's planned wind energy utility in Highland County, Va., might be infringing on West Virginia property. The commissioners decided to talk about it again Tuesday, when they will vote on whether to take legal action to settle the matter.
14 Aug 2009
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