Articles from West Virginia

Letter to Governor Manchin (WV) re. Wind Power

If there ever was a time to proceed cautiously, it is now with respect to “wind farms” in West Virginia. The potential benefits to the State are so insignificant, while the potential environmental and economic consequences so enormous, that a moratorium on all wind power facilities (not just those near airports) is in order.
20 Jun 2006

Wind Turbine opponent optimistic after hearing

"When a small community attempts to take on (oppose) a giant corporate project, they are usually worn down, outflanked, and overrun by the relentless parade of expert witnesses paid to endorse the corporation’s application," explained MCRE spokesman Dave Buhrman (Mountain Communities for Responsible Energy).
20 Jun 2006

Wind turbines need more study

Gov. Manchin is only being prudent by suggesting that West Virginia turbine projects also wait until the national studies are completed. Isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? I honestly believe the governor should pass an executive order halting the building of more giant wind turbines in West Virginia until we can all get our bearings.
19 Jun 2006

Ill wind for tourism?

“It’s hard to take your eyes off them because they’re so huge,” said Cooper. “But people come to the mountains for peace and quiet and dark skies at night. They don’t come to buy second homes because they want to live beside giant industrial wind turbines.” Cooper said wind developers also broke promises: overestimating the number of jobs that would be created and the tax revenue the project would pump into Tucker County.
30 Apr 2006
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