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West Virginia governor backs idea of guaranteed price floors for oil

But Manchin's proposal went a step beyond talk and ideas, setting out a concrete way to begin attracting more money to development of ethanol, biodiesel, solar, wind or biomass electricity generation. “I've always been told the $35, $40 range (per barrel of oil) is where alternative fuels become viable” Manchin told The News-Record after a tour of Arch Coal's Black Thunder mine. “Let's find that benchmark ... I don't see another way.”
17 Sep 2006

Critics respond to PSC wind mill decision

The Public Service Commission’s Aug. 28 ruling permitting 124 industrial wind turbines in Greenbrier County drew a quick response from MCRE (Mountain Communities for Responsible Energy). MCRE spokesman Dave Buhrman said, “We concur with wind opponent Jon Boone who states, ‘Industrial wind is a distraction issue—distracting from the heavy lifting required for meaningful change in our energy practices.’”
12 Sep 2006

Wind farms

With wind farm development continuing to become somewhat of a household word along the eastern ridges of West Virginia, it’s imperative for Gov. Joe Manchin’s newly established Public Energy Authority to become familiar with the issues as quickly as possible.
7 Sep 2006

Wind Mills ‘R Us’

Unless Monday’s Public Service Commission’s ruling is reversed on appeal, 124 wind turbines will be erected on 500 acres in the northwestern part of Greenbrier County. Construction of the 40-story behemoths will begin in the spring. Power generated will be sold to an eastern grid that does not include West Virginia.
6 Sep 2006

Wind Farm

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) -- The state Public Service Commission has agreed to take a second look at a Pendleton County wind farm application. The agency dismissed Liberty Gap Wind Force's application on July 24th after finding the company refused to allow an opposition group's consultant on its property.
5 Sep 2006

Group to ask PSC to rethink ruling

A Greenbrier County citizens group hasn’t given up its fight to block a 126-turbine wind-energy project. Members of Mountain Communities for Responsible Energy plan to ask state Public Service Commission members to reconsider their decision earlier this week to approve the $300 million wind farm.... During the past year, more than 3,300 people sent letters to the PSC about the wind project. About 80 percent of the letters urged the PSC to turn down a Chicago developer’s plans to build the 186-megawatt project called the Beech Ridge Energy Wind Farm.
30 Aug 2006

The wind industry is growing rapidly

...wind power can contribute only so much to energy independence. Its role should be appreciated, but not oversold......A more realistic expectation, some experts say, is that wind could supply 6 percent to 10 percent of the nation's need for electrical power. That would be a helpful contribution, but it will fall short of a panacea.
29 Aug 2006

Wind project gets OK from state - Chicago developer plans 124 wind turbines for Greenbrier

The PSC’s approval came with 29 stipulations — some before construction starts, and others after the turbines are built. Among them: Beech Ridge and its contractors must use noise buffers on equipment and trucks. The company must conduct studies on the project’s impact on bats and birds for the first three years the wind turbines are up and running. Beech Ridge also must limit lighting at the site and comply with the federal Endangered Species Act.
29 Aug 2006

Clean, renewable energy is possible with trade-off

THE Sierra Club supports renewable energy nationally, and in West Virginia. Recently, the West Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club recommended that the application of Beech Ridge Energy LLC for a Certificate of Site Approval from the West Virginia Public Service Commission be approved and that the following conditions be included in the commission’s order granting the certificate for the company’s Greenbrier County wind farm:
25 Aug 2006

No wind turbines in West Virginia

Now, to top it off, a Chicago (the windy city) corporation would like to put up over 100 giant wind turbines (as tall as 40-story buildings) blinking and twirling for all to see, across the highest, grandest mountain ridges of our state.
1 Aug 2006

PSC crackdown - Lesson for antagonists

.....the PSC decision sends a clear message: Builders of controversial projects should be reasonable toward all concerned parties, instead of turning hostile to those who question. West Virginia’s majestic crests may belong to the landowners, but they’re also the spiritual property of all residents. Polite cooperation is needed in deciding the fate of those beloved summits.
1 Aug 2006

State rejects wind project

Commissioners rejected Liberty Gap Wind Force’s application because the company wouldn’t allow an opposition group’s hydrology consultant on the proposed project site, according to the commission’s order. The decision stunned wind company officials and breathed new life into groups opposing other wind projects in West Virginia.
25 Jul 2006
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