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PATH applications withdrawn in three states; opponents elated

PJM Interconnection, which coordinates and directs operations for electric power needs in 13 states and the District of Columbia, said Monday it is suspending the 275-mile, $2.1 billion Potomac-Appalachian Transmission Highline project from its 2011 Regional Transmission Expansion Plan. "Recent dramatic swings in economic forecasts and evolving public policies, particularly with respect to renewable energy, are adding greater uncertainty to our planning studies."
1 Mar 2011

Hearing set on wind turbines in Roanoke County

The latest regulations, as proposed, would require that every "large" and "utility" project receive specific approval from the supervisors through a special-use permit. A "large" system would consist of one or more towers producing less than 1 megawatt of electricity each. A "utility" system would have more than one tower, each capable of 1 megawatt or more.
27 Feb 2011

Don't be fooled by new energy bills

A euphemism for "permit by executive edict," it allows for favored projects to escape troublesome due-process reviews by the Department of Environmental Quality and local citizens. "Friends-of-Bob" trumps local constituents' concerns and environmental impacts.
11 Feb 2011

Tazewell leaders hope wind energy won't be fuel for elections

"I would sincerely hope that whoever runs for the Board of Supervisors - if it's not me - that they would listen to the people and abide by the organization and regulations already set forth," Anderson said. Anderson said it will be up to the voters to carefully question candidates about where they stand on wind turbines on East River Mountain.
6 Feb 2011

Protecting ridgeline ordinance; Committee commits to amended version of energy bill

The Senate's Commerce and Labor Committee agreed Monday to amend a controversial energy bill sought Sen. Frank Wagner, R-Virginia Beach. The bill as originally written by Wagner threatened to override Tazewell County's existing ridgeline protection ordinance. The committee members instead adopted a substitute bill that would not override existing county ordinances.
1 Feb 2011

VACO urges localities to oppose renewable energy bill proposal

The Virginia Association of Counties is urging localities across the Commonwealth to oppose a renewable energy bill as it is currently proposed by a Virginia Beach lawmaker. The legislation sought by Sen. Frank Wagner, R-Virginia Beach, would weaken local government land use authority, and could override local ordinances.
28 Jan 2011

State may trump local ordinance; General Assembly introduces renewable energy legislation

Legislation introduced by a Virginia Beach lawmaker could potentially trump Tazewell County's new ridgeline protection ordinance ...Senate Bill 862 introduced by Sen. Frank Wagner addresses the role of local governments as it relates to the goal of the Commonwealth to promote the generation of energy from renewable sources, including wind energy.
18 Jan 2011

Lawmakers: Challenge to ridgeline protection ordinance not expected

Area lawmakers say they don't expect to see wind energy legislation passed in Richmond this year that could trump Tazewell County's existing ridgeline protection ordinance. "I'm not aware of any pending legislation, and I do not support introducing legislation at the state level that would supersede the county level."
9 Jan 2011
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