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Citizens can voice opinions on ridgeline

With a large crowd expected Tuesday night at Tazewell Middle School, area residents won't be allowed to become long-winded when it comes to the topic of turbines. In fact, folks will be limited to two-minutes of speaking time ...The board is seeking public comment on a proposed ordinance to regulate the construction of tall structures on certain ridgelines in Tazewell County.
11 Jan 2010

Best of intentions

Monday, Highland New Wind Development told Highland supervisors it intends to develop a habitat conservation plan and obtain a federal incidental take permit. ...If true, we applaud the decision. But we're skeptical.
7 Jan 2010

Citizens threaten board over wind project again

Highland citizens, bolstered by the recent wind energy injunction in West Virginia, sent county officials their third, and perhaps final, warning. In a letter sent Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2009, attorney James Jennings Jr. told Highland's board of supervisors it must require Highland New Wind Development LLC to obtain a federal incidental take permit to avoid legal action.
7 Jan 2010

Agency says wind company's permit expired

In its complaint that HNWD isn't meeting conditions required under its state permit, DHR says HNWD's permit expired Dec. 20, 2009, and HNWD had not started construction. The SCC put a two-year sunset provision in its final order when it granted HNWD's permit on Dec. 20, 2007. The company was required to begin construction within two years - by Dec. 20, 2009 - or ask for an extension.
7 Jan 2010

Tazewell officials: Windmill decision could be rendered in February

A decision on a controversial wind-turbine farm for East River Mountain could come as early as February ...The county Board of Supervisors will meet today at 6 p.m. at the administration offices in Tazewell, but there is no mention of wind turbines on the board's six-page agenda. The windmill controversy will instead be addressed at the Tuesday, Jan. 12 meeting, according to board chairman David Anderson.
5 Jan 2010

Virginia agency says wind developer "misstating" facts

The Virginia Department of Historical Resources (DHR) claimed a wind energy developer has "deliberately misstated" and "deliberately misrepresented" facts as part of its continuing effort to build an industrial wind facility on Tamarack Ridge near Camp Allegheny. DHR and Highland New Wind Development, LLC (HNWD), are engaged in a legal battle to determine the energy company's responsibilities with regard to historic Camp Allegheny.
31 Dec 2009

Highlanders threaten lawsuit over wind project, again

Highland citizens, bolstered by the recent wind energy project injunction in West Virginia, sent county officials their third, and perhaps final, warning. In a letter sent today (Wednesday, Dec. 30), attorney James Jennings Jr. told the Highland board it must require Highland New Wind Development LLC to obtain a federal incidental take permit to avoid legal action.
30 Dec 2009

Wind company, agency fine-tune arguments

Does a Virginia agency have standing with regard to a West Virginia landmark? The debate between Highland New Wind Development LLC and the state Department of Historic Resources appears to come down to a handful of legal points. Among those is whether the DHR has any authority to require the company to mitigate the visual impact its 400-foot towers will have on Camp Allegheny, a Civil War battlefield in Pocahontas County, W.Va.
24 Dec 2009

Limit the liability

Apparently, Highland County is going to get sued over the wind energy project - again. And apparently, some of our supervisors aren't worried. They should be. Highland New Wind Development, the closely held family company attempting to build the state's first wind-generating electric facility, should be, too. ...HNWD's project site has far more than one endangered species living there. Allegheny Mountain is home to bald and golden eagles, flying squirrels, two protected bats, and other flora and fauna.
17 Dec 2009

County supervisors differ on turbines

County Supervisors Differ On Turbines The move to harness wind energy in Albemarle County hit a hurdle Wednesday night. County supervisors agreed to support wind turbines in theory but differed over the details. Turbine supporters say there's plenty to gain. It's not a point supervisors debated, instead they went back and forth over details on where exactly is the right spot to build them.
10 Dec 2009

Windmill debate churns

Although the official public hearing was delayed until January, area residents still spoke out Tuesday over the controversial topic of wind turbines. "How are we guaranteed that so many jobs will be created?" Mark Tyson of Tazewell, said. "We have to take the word of BP and Dominion - the same people who funded 50 percent of this study." "As far as this study is concerned, I know it is an economic impact study, but I pray there will be other studies you all will look at other than economics," Donna Kelly of Bluefield, Va., said. "It's not all just about money. I feel a few will profit from this but the majority will suffer."
18 Nov 2009

Windmill study provides statistics and more for divided community

The long-awaited wind energy study compiled by Springsted Inc., was released on Monday. While it didn't include a lot of surprises, it did come with plenty of statistics, projections and hypothetical scenarios related to wind turbine farms. ...While it doesn't provide a lot of new details, the Springsted study still provides a lot of information for folks to digest. The official public hearing on the proposed mountain construction ordinance, also known as the mountain ridge protection ordinance, will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 1, at 6:15 p.m. or soon thereafter at Tazewell High School.
18 Nov 2009

Wind turbines: Board must stop procrastinating

The Tazewell County Board of Supervisors insist they aren't dragging their feet when it comes to making a decision about wind turbines. But it's starting to look like they are doing just that. The board has been studying the issue of wind turbines and the proposed ridgeline protection - or tall structure - ordinance for well over a year. The first public hearing on the original tall structure ordinance was held back in November 2008 - on the night of a significant snow storm for that matter. Now, more than a year later, the board has once again opted to delay.
18 Nov 2009

Wind energy study details Tazewell County impact

A proposed wind turbine farm for East River Mountain would provide $9.2 million in new revenue to Tazewell County over a 20 year period, according to the findings of a new wind energy economic impact study. The study, which was made public Monday through the county's website, will be discussed in detail at tonight's Board of Supervisors meeting. The meeting begins at 5 p.m. at Tazewell Middle School with a wind turbine discussion scheduled for 7:30 p.m.
17 Nov 2009

Pivotal turn coming in Tazewell windmill saga

Tazewell County leaders will tackle the controversial topic of wind turbines Tuesday during the first of two meetings that could determine the fate of a controversial East River Mountain project. The board meets Tuesday at 5 p.m. at Tazewell Middle School, and will begin the wind turbine discussion at 7:30 p.m. At that time, John Anzivion, senior vice president of the Springsted Company, is scheduled to present the results of a wind turbine economic impact study to the board.
14 Nov 2009

New Tazewell board members: No decision on wind turbines

The newly elected members of the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors say they haven't made a decision yet when it comes to wind turbines on East River Mountain. "I'm going to have to research that a little bit better," John Absher, who defeated incumbent Bill Wimmer for the Western District board seat, said when asked about wind turbines. "I haven't made a decision on that one way or another. We are just going to have to talk about the pros and cons of it." Although the wind turbine project is not planned in his district, Absher said he has still had several questions from residents.
9 Nov 2009

Virginia SCC postpones wind turbine hearing

A hearing scheduled for November 10 at the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) regarding the Tamarack Ridge wind energy project has been postponed by request of the Virginia Department of Historical Resources (DHR). ...DHR requested the continuance until it has received the requested information from the Parks Service and had time to "review, analyze and consult with Highland New Wind about these reports."
7 Nov 2009

Waiting in wings on windmills

Several additional companies have inquired about the possibility of building windmills in Tazewell County, officials confirmed Monday. Although Dominion and BP Wind Energy North America are planning a large-scale wind turbine farm for East River Mountain near Bluefield, other areas of interest for other wind energy companies have included Morris Knob, near Tazewell, and Burkes Garden, according to Board of Supervisors Chairman David Anderson.
20 Oct 2009

Hearing on Tamarack Ridge wind project rescheduled

The Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) has rescheduled a hearing to determine whether a wind energy company has complied with pre-construction conditions regarding protection of historic resources. The hearing, originally scheduled for October 12, will be held on November 11 at 10 a.m. The hearing will be available as a webcast from the SCC website. The Virginia Attorney General's Office, representing DHR, filed a motion on October 9 to reschedule the hearing, which was granted by hearing examiner Alexander Skirpan.
14 Oct 2009
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