Library from Virginia

Virginia Energy: Dominion wins bid for offshore wind energy area 4 Sep 2013
Virginia Dominion, Virginia's largest electric utility, updates energy plan, with gas 2 Sep 2013
Virginia Governor signs repeal of renewable energy incentives 22 Feb 2013
Virginia Va. General Assembly strikes down tall structures legislation 30 Jan 2013
Virginia Wind turbines: VACo joins Tazewell opposition 25 Jan 2013
Virginia Legislation in General Assembly seeks renewable energy exemption 24 Jan 2013
Virginia Virginia offshore wind farm might not be built for another decade - or more 18 Jan 2013
Virginia Critics call Virginia's renewable energy bonuses a waste renewable energy 13 Oct 2012
Virginia County could take action on windmills Monday night 8 Sep 2012
Virginia County will take more time to study windmills 18 Aug 2012
USA Virginia Local organization supports Golden Eagle research amid questions about effective regulation of the wind industry 23 Jun 2012
Virginia Company delays Roanoke County wind farm 27 May 2012
USA Virginia Offshore wind suffers setback in Virginia 8 May 2012
Virginia Plans for Chesapeake Bay wind turbine suspended 8 May 2012
Virginia Wind farm concerns aired in Floyd County 1 Feb 2012
USA Virginia West Virginia Wind power: Is it worth it? 1 Jan 2012
Virginia Floyd County ordinance likely wipes out wind turbines proposal 16 Dec 2011
Virginia Residents to get a chance to speak up on wind power 30 Nov 2011
Virginia Virginia's offshore battle: Wind Vs. oil drilling; Potential for off-shore drilling eyed 11 Nov 2011
Virginia Northampton wind law needs to protect birds 26 Oct 2011
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