Library from Virginia

Virginia Virginia county residents fret over massive solar farm 26 Oct 2018
Virginia Offshore wind energy heading to waters off Virginia Beach 3 Aug 2018
Virginia Public input sought on offshore wind energy in Virginia 24 Jul 2018
North Carolina Virginia Amazon Wind Farm in North Carolina can't expand at all to protect Naval radar nearby, study shows 10 Jul 2018
Virginia Virginia ruling points to bumps in the road for state’s renewable mandate 7 Jun 2018
Virginia Virginia SCC denies APCo application involving wind generation facilities 2 Apr 2018
Virginia Green solar farm is turning an Essex County watershed brown 18 Feb 2018
Virginia Plans for a wind farm in Botetourt County delayed again 26 Oct 2017
Virginia Botetourt wind farm developer to start work in winter; still lacks buyer for electricity 25 Jul 2017
Virginia Wind turbines kill key species 21 Jul 2017
Virginia Dominion lands contractor for 2 turbines off Va. 11 Jul 2017
USA North Carolina Virginia Big Wind: Threat to air navigation, military assets 6 Mar 2017
Virginia Plans for Virginia's first commercial wind farm OK'd 3 Mar 2017
Virginia Currituck temporarily bans solar farms while working on problems posed by existing projects 12 Jan 2017
Virginia New direction from Trump not expected to slow Botetourt wind farm plans 14 Nov 2016
Virginia FAA gives clearance for wind farm atop Botetourt County mountain 31 Oct 2016
Virginia Dignitaries, protesters turn out for wind project 23 Sep 2016
USA Virginia Dear Abby: What's the outlook for offshore wind energy? Still breezy, she says. 20 Aug 2016
Virginia Dominion loses $40 million federal grant for Virginia offshore wind project 28 May 2016
Virginia Botetourt wind farm developer files plan, seeks to avoid bat deaths 8 May 2016
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