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Hearing set on wind energy systems in Warren County

The Warren County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing next month on proposed regulations for wind energy systems. ...Energy system towers would be limited to 80 feet with the exception of those in the industrial zoning district, which could have a height of up to 120 feet, the ordinance reads. Towers for energy systems used for commercial power generation would be limited to 120 feet in height.
21 Mar 2009

Bluefield, Va., council passes zoning ordinance

A zoning ordinance that will regulate the height of tall structures within town limits was passed unanimously Monday by the Bluefield, Va., Town Council. A revision to height regulations and a Mountain Ridge Overlay in the town were both passed unanimously by the council's members. The changes require a conditional use permit for structures 100 feet high or higher, said Zoning Administrator Cody Musick.
10 Mar 2009

Town mulls height ordinance

Citizens and council members urged town residents Monday to keep seeking more information about a proposed wind turbine project for Tazewell County, Va. The Bluefield, Va., Town Council and Planning Commission conducted a joint public hearing before Monday's regular session to hear citizens' input about a proposed "Mountain Ridge Overlay" regulating the height of structures and buildings, and requiring a conditional use permit for tall buildings and structures inside town limits.
23 Feb 2009

Steering committee being assembled to mull windmills

A steering committee that will help to determine the fate of a controversial windmill project for East River Mountain could be finalized as early as today. Meeting under a high wind warning outside, windmills were once again the primary topic of discussion Tuesday for members of the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors. ..."This is an emotional issue, and we need to hear from both sides," Anderson said.
12 Feb 2009

Steering committee to examine proposed ridgeline protection ordinance for Va.

The fate of a controversial wind turbine project for Tazewell County is still up in the air. A newly created steering committee will now mull over a proposed ridgeline protection ordinance. The ordinance - if adopted by the Board of Supervisors - would regulate the development of tall structures along certain protected mountain ridges, including East River Mountain and Burke's Garden.
4 Feb 2009

BP, Dominion urge ‘careful consideration' for windmills

Representatives of Dominion and BP Wind Energy North America are asking the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors to give "thoughtful and careful consideration" to a proposed large-scale windmill project. Company officials will be attendance at Tuesday's public hearing on a proposed ridgeline projection ordinance, which - if adopted - could impact the development of a wind turbine project planned for East River Mountain.
2 Feb 2009

Tax breaks for developers could cut county tax revenue; Highland supervisors oppose wind energy bill

The $200,000-plus Highland County hoped to receive from the proposed wind utility here could be cut to $120,000 if a legislative proposal survives the General Assembly this session, according to county officials. Sen. Frank Wagner (R-Virginia Beach) submitted a bill that would allow wind energy facilities an exemption on state and local taxes up to 80 percent of the value of their projects if their capacity is less than 100 megawatts.
29 Jan 2009

Bluefield, Va., looks at ridgeline ordinance of its own

A mountain ridge overlay ordinance has been adopted by the Bluefield, Va., Town Council pending a final approval today by the Bluefield, Va., Planning Commission, Mayor Don Harris said. The ordinance will regulate the development of structures with a maximum height of 35 feet or more. When asked if the ordinance was in response to a large-scale windmill project proposed for East River Mountain, Harris said the windmill project is not currently planned in the corporate limits of Bluefield, Va.
29 Jan 2009

HNWD project temporarily stalled

“During the months of August and September, active negotiations with a variety of interested parties resulted in two executed Letters of Intent,” he wrote. “However, before the due diligence periods expired, the financial markets collapsed and the interested parties started to disappear one by one. Turbines are more available now but financing is more difficult to obtain.”
8 Jan 2009

Windmills stir up controversy

David Anderson, the Eastern District member of the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors, has been busy in recent days answering phone calls and e-mails from supporters and opponents of a proposed large-scale windmill project. ..."Don't get me wrong, I've heard a lot of positive, and I've heard a lot of negative," Anderson said Tuesday. "There are still people who are very pro-windmill. But the majority of the feedback I've received have been real concerned about the natural beauty of East River Mountain."
27 Dec 2008

Getting Ahead of the Game: A Wind Energy Ordinance for Bath County

Next week, Bath County planners are likely to discuss and review what may be one of the most important new ordinances our county has considered in decades - one to guide them on how applications for industrializing their mountaintops with wind energy turbine towers will be handled. If officials here succeed in passing it, Bath will be the first locality in Virginia to have an ordinance in place addressing commercial wind utilities. And it won't come a minute too soon. ...
20 Nov 2008

Wind energy ordinance drafted for Bath County

Ryder began working on the ordinance in response to a request from the planning commission last month. The county is working with James Madison University on a field test of the Virginia Renewables Siting Scoring System, or VRS3. The test will use a scoring book to evaluate factors related to siting wind energy facilities in various parts of the county. However, work on the book is still not complete.
20 Nov 2008

Planners endorse wind energy ordinance

Rockbridge County is a step closer to having a wind energy ordinance on the books. The Planning Commission last week recommended adoption of the ordinance as well as approval of the first application for a wind energy system - two micro turbines that are to go on top of Howard Johnson's Hotel. The wind energy ordinance was supported by several citizens who spoke during a public hearing.
20 Nov 2008

Wind company still looking for money; Energy market down, but developer optimistic about plans

Without investors or a final plan, Highland New Wind Development nevertheless remains optimistic about getting Virginia's first wind energy utility built here in Highland County. HNWD attorney John Flora told county supervisors Tuesday the market for wind energy is down, but the company is proceeding with its plans. ...Because HNWD does not know which kind of turbines it will use, it has not submitted a final site plan, something both the county and state require. Supervisor David Blanchard wondered why the company had not at least put together several site plans based on the options for turbines.
6 Nov 2008
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