Library from Virginia

Virginia Hearings set on wind-farm plan - At issue: a proposal to put turbines on ridges in Highland County 12 Mar 2006
Virginia A false sense of security 9 Mar 2006
Virginia More information needed, state agencies say - DEQ suspends wind application review 9 Mar 2006
Virginia Wind bill gives localities taxing options 9 Mar 2006
Virginia Mosquitoes something to bat around 9 Mar 2006
Virginia Land-use authority restored - House panel amends bill to give localities power over location of energy facilities 7 Mar 2006
Virginia Windmill project could kill birds and bats, report says -While not opposing the plans, Va. game officials say effects need study 4 Mar 2006
Virginia Planners review wind, again - 60 days to decide if utility site is suitable 2 Mar 2006
Virginia Birds, bats at high risk on Red Oak 2 Mar 2006
Virginia Renewable portfolio standards premature 16 Feb 2006
Virginia Wind developer wants SCC to speed things up 16 Feb 2006
Virginia Senate panel approves bill on energy policy 8 Feb 2006
Virginia Farming: Gone with the wind? 4 Feb 2006
Virginia Senator Allen hears from HNWD 4 Feb 2006
Virginia Our View - Push coming now to shove 4 Feb 2006
Virginia West Virginia Will U.S. Wind extend Liberty Gap project into Highland? 3 Feb 2006
Virginia The 'go fly a kite' energy bill 30 Jan 2006
Virginia Senate bill estabishes Tax Rate on Highland Co. wind turbines 28 Jan 2006
Virginia Amendment added to energy-policy bill 27 Jan 2006
Virginia Wind energy issues to hit House, Senate 19 Jan 2006
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