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Proud to be a Highland resident

The eloquence, knowledge, logic and concern exhibited by the 60 citizens who testified against the industrial wind turbine project at the State Corporation Commission hearings last week was a real testimony to intelligence of Highland County’s citizenry.
23 Mar 2006

Federal agencies, Conservancy concerned about wind plant impacts to wildlife

RICHMOND — Formal respondents in Highland New Wind Development’s case pending before the State Corporation Commission are adding to a long list of concerns expressed already by a variety of state agencies. Among those who have weighed in recently are the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which expresses serious doubts about environmental reviews conducted thus far.
23 Mar 2006

Hearings on wind turbines a contrast to maple festival

MONTEREY The State Corporation Commission held hearings last week on a proposal to build wind turbines in Highland County. The gathering of dark-suited officials and lawyers was a bit unusual in remote, bucolic Monterey, but something reminded everyone there is much more to Highland County than the wind-farm debate.
19 Mar 2006

A bill to veto - State Senate was willing to force power plants on localities

Localities escaped a close call when the House reaffirmed that nuclear, wind and LNG facilities would have to meet local zoning and land-use restrictions. But they should be wary of the coercive spirit shown by the Senate, and all Virginians should be wary of the flawed energy policy crafted in their name. The issues involved deserve more thoughtful, balanced consideration. In the interim the best thing that could happen to this bill would be a veto from the governor.
17 Mar 2006

Highlanders present convincing case

The fight to preserve our visual and cultural heritage has entered a new phase now. The outcome is in the hands of people who don’t know much about who we are or what’s really at stake here. We are on a political, legislative and regulatory track that is complex and has a mind of its own.
16 Mar 2006

Mosquitoes something to bat around

There seems to be no good way to properly site these turbines on unspoiled Appalachian mountains without causing irreparable damage. The State Corporation Commission has an opportunity to do the right thing by heeding the growing warnings about negative, cumulative effects its own experts are offering.
9 Mar 2006

A false sense of security

Even if federal ridge lines were forever protected, and that is a very dangerous assumption, there is sufficient privately-owned mountain terrain here with attractive enough wind scales for developers to significantly downgrade the scenic values that are the backbone of Bath’s economy and the promise of its future. The stakes for Bath could be every bit as high as they are now for Highland.
9 Mar 2006
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