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Mosquitoes something to bat around

There seems to be no good way to properly site these turbines on unspoiled Appalachian mountains without causing irreparable damage. The State Corporation Commission has an opportunity to do the right thing by heeding the growing warnings about negative, cumulative effects its own experts are offering.
9 Mar 2006

A false sense of security

Even if federal ridge lines were forever protected, and that is a very dangerous assumption, there is sufficient privately-owned mountain terrain here with attractive enough wind scales for developers to significantly downgrade the scenic values that are the backbone of Bath’s economy and the promise of its future. The stakes for Bath could be every bit as high as they are now for Highland.
9 Mar 2006

Senator Allen hears from HNWD

“Like so many others, he [Sen. Allen, VA] has had to reassess his position, but he does remain open to the possibility that the wind industry will eventually find a way to increase its capacity. But at this point, he just doesn’t believe it’s terribly efficient and there are more affordable and reliable energy sources for our economy.”
4 Feb 2006

Our View - Push coming now to shove

Let’s hope our elected officials in Richmond and Washington don’t fall for the same untested arguments our supervisors did. Sen. Allen’s response to Mr. Flora’s thoughts is reassuring in this regard. Legislators willing to examine the issue fully are finally starting to smell something rotten about how this [wind] industry operates.
4 Feb 2006

Farming: Gone with the wind?

In a recent fiasco the Highland County Board of Supervisors issued a permit for a wind energy project supported by only 20 percent of 97 speakers at the public hearing. Prior to the hearing more than 1,000 residents and landowners of this county with a population of only 2,500, signed a petition opposed. Editor’s note: The following letter was written to Del. Chris Saxman and shared with The Recorder.
4 Feb 2006
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