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Wind turbines' effects on Appalachians' ecology worries scientists

Preliminary research shows wind turbines kill thousands of bats and birds in the Appalachian Mountains, which are a major migratory flyway, scientists say.....Dan Boone, a Maryland-based botanist and wildlife scientist, said laws such as the National Environmental Policy Act and the Endangered Species Act aren't enough to protect against bird and bat kills, deforestation and other damage done by wind turbines.
18 Jun 2006

Expert says offshore drilling in Virginia is inevitable

At one point, Mike Town , state director of the Sierra Club , challenged the acting assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior, Johnnie Burton, to conduct a full investigation of possible offshore wind energy. “We already are,” Burton told Town. “We also can say with certainty that one platform in the Gulf of Mexico would equal the energy from wind turbines placed shoulder to shoulder on the coast of New Hampshire,” she said. Town did not disagree, only that wind energy should be considered “part of the solution.”
6 Jun 2006

Wind farm would kill few birds, lawyer says - But state official says effects on birds, bats need to be studied

Tom Smith, director of the state Department of Conservation and Recreation's natural-heritage program, said detailed research is needed on the windmills' potential to kill birds and bats. "It's very hard to say there's not a significant impact [on birds] and not a need for additional studies," Smith said.
2 May 2006

Virginia Wind Comments to the Virginia State Corporation Commission

Virginia_wind_comments_032906_thumb These comments concern the application of Highland New Wind Development, LLC for a certificate to construct and operate a generating facility in Highland County. They are submitted on behalf of Virginia Wind, a not-for-profit organization addressing the need for effective environmental assessment prior to utility-scale wind development in the western Virginia and central Appalachian region.3 We submit to the Commission that the proposed Highland New Wind Development (HNWD) project presents a risk of unacceptable environmental harm and that the potential benefits of the project are minimal.
29 Mar 2006

Proud to be a Highland resident

The eloquence, knowledge, logic and concern exhibited by the 60 citizens who testified against the industrial wind turbine project at the State Corporation Commission hearings last week was a real testimony to intelligence of Highland County’s citizenry.
23 Mar 2006

Environmentalists miss the mark

If these groups did their homework, their members would more likely be opposed to installing wind towers in places like Highland. They would conclude wind can be sited in places that are not naturally and environmentally relatively unspoiled and opt for places where the industry is a better fit. They would see there is nothing green about energy that erodes what little greenery we have left on the East Coast. We think most of those letter writers would have a different view of this project if they were to spend a little time here.
23 Mar 2006
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