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Dominion ditches plans for onshore wind in Virginia, but grows bullish on solar

Dominion Resources Executive Vice President and CFO Mark Gettrick: “When the wind business first got started, a decade, a decade and a half ago, we built two wind projects early on and we elected not to build any more. We steered away from wind. We do not think wind would ever be a good resource on land, in Virginia anyway, and so we elected not to pursue incremental wind projects.”
17 Nov 2014

Going green? Wind vs. public opinion

As for onshore wind power in Virginia, Professor Rahman says topography and public opinion are against it.  “Our onshore wind resource is not as strong as in Iowa, Texas, Pennsylvania, California, Oregon and so on.  I did a project in the Shenandoah Valley.  I tried to do a project.  There was very strong local opposition to wind power.  They just don’t like to see wind turbine on a hilltop.”
18 Mar 2014

Va. General Assembly strikes down tall structures legislation

Legislation that could have trumped Tazewell County's two-year-old ridgeline protection ordinance has died in the General Assembly. ...Area leaders argued the bill was an attempt to override a local county ordinance that prohibits the development of tall structures, including wind turbines, on East River Mountain and other protected ridgelines.
30 Jan 2013

County will take more time to study windmills

After the public hearing, Board of Supervisors' Chairman Sam Dickson asked supervisors Bob Martin and Joshua Hendrick if they wanted to make a suggestion about windmills since they make up the county's committee to study windmills. Martin said there still seemed to be a lot of confusion.
18 Aug 2012

Company delays Roanoke County wind farm

The company, which once hoped to have the power-generating turbines spinning by the end of this year, said its decision was based on the uncertain future of government incentives for wind energy. ...Invenergy's announcement was seen as a setback for local supporters of renewable energy, but good news for some Poor Mountain residents, who fear that the 443-foot-tall turbines will be a noisy eyesore to their peaceful community.
27 May 2012

Wind power: Is it worth it?

Sadly, once the layers of "woulds, coulds and shoulds" were peeled back, I found industrial wind failed to keep its environmental promises. Save the canned boilerplate responses to criticisms, the wind industry offered nothing conclusive to demonstrate it would significantly reduce emissions or close fossil fueled plants. There is no conclusive evidence that one coal plant has been closed as a direct result of the installation of tens of thousands of wind turbines. Not one! I've asked advocates to name one facility. Answer . zippo!
1 Jan 2012

Roanoke County sets wind farm limits

Four of the five Roanoke County supervisors put in place a wind-energy policy Tuesday night that they say will protect residents and guide the county with future development. The fifth board member, Ed Elswick, said the board hadn't limited wind development enough.
14 Sep 2011

Roanoke County mulls wind farm

A proposed zoning ordinance for industrial or commercial scale windmills hangs before the supervisors at their meeting tonight. Each of the five supervisors said recently that they plan to pass it, perhaps with some changes, as a way to protect residents.
13 Sep 2011

Environmentalists abandon core values

Leaving aside the questionable economics, inefficiency and massive tax subsidies required to induce investment in wind turbines, there are several other concrete -- and local -- reasons why the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors should vote against an ordinance allowing and encouraging industrial-scale wind turbines.
12 Sep 2011

A shift in the wind in Southwest Virginia

Ken Jurman, renewable energy program manager at the state Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy, predicted that onshore wind power development "is not going to be a huge deal in Virginia." That could change if federal officials decide to liberally permit wind turbines in national forests, but he called that unlikely.
22 Jul 2011

Once burned, twice shy next door

It's too soon to tell how this project might evolve, but there's no doubt Pendleton is no longer as vulnerable to the corporate push on wind power as it used to be. An informed citizenry makes all the difference. There's not a full-time farmer in these mountains who wouldn't understand and sympathize with the Cow Knob families' desire to hang on to their land. ...But as much as we get their motives, we also know they're setting themselves up for a costly, protracted battle.
24 Jun 2011
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