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Virginia Wind Responds to Highland New Wind Development Air Quality Benefit Claims

We have submitted the attached comments to the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) in response to material filed by and on behalf of Highland New Wind Development (HNWD) purporting to quantify air pollution emission reductions that the Highland County wind project would achieve. Editor's Note: The comments are available via the link below and on the Virginia Wind website
9 Aug 2006

Virginia can do it better

For those opposed to bringing commercial production to the Allegheny Highlands, there’s no question. The mountains, wildlife, and quality of living in this region are invaluable, they remind us. It’s worth whatever it takes to preserve and protect not only for those who live here, but for all Virginians and beyond. They argue, correctly, one cannot put a price tag on this environment, and if industrialization gains a foothold here, even a small one, the rest of the area, up and down the Appalachian ridges, is equally vulnerable. As we’ve pointed out countless times on these pages, there just isn’t enough to gain from this utility.
7 Jul 2006

Proposed energy plan creates windstorm of debate - The firm proposing the windmills and Highland County landowners are fighting a legal battle

Virginia's first proposed wind farm cleared another legal hurdle Thursday when a Highland County judge ruled for the third time this month against landowners seeking to keep the huge windmills off the county's ridgelines. But the controversial project ran into a regulatory roadblock Friday when state officials reported they have reached an impasse with the project's developers over potential bird and bat kills and other environmental and economic impacts.
1 Jul 2006

Wind turbines' effects on Appalachians' ecology worries scientists

Preliminary research shows wind turbines kill thousands of bats and birds in the Appalachian Mountains, which are a major migratory flyway, scientists say.....Dan Boone, a Maryland-based botanist and wildlife scientist, said laws such as the National Environmental Policy Act and the Endangered Species Act aren't enough to protect against bird and bat kills, deforestation and other damage done by wind turbines.
18 Jun 2006

Expert says offshore drilling in Virginia is inevitable

At one point, Mike Town , state director of the Sierra Club , challenged the acting assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior, Johnnie Burton, to conduct a full investigation of possible offshore wind energy. “We already are,” Burton told Town. “We also can say with certainty that one platform in the Gulf of Mexico would equal the energy from wind turbines placed shoulder to shoulder on the coast of New Hampshire,” she said. Town did not disagree, only that wind energy should be considered “part of the solution.”
6 Jun 2006
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