Articles from Vermont

Vermont Green Mountain Power: Green energy having a negative ‘tangible rate impact’ 16 Jan
Vermont Oversubscribed northern Vermont power grid costing utilities millions 14 Jan
Vermont Swanton Wind: No money being returned 6 Jan
Vermont Deerfield Wind turbines up and operating, but renewables lagging in cold temps 6 Jan
Vermont Long-awaited Deerfield Wind turbines go online 30 Dec 2017
Vermont Big wind an out-of-date solution 29 Dec 2017
Vermont Wind turbine blade icing danger cited in fine 13 Dec 2017
Vermont Energy plan takes a hard stance on big wind 4 Dec 2017
Vermont Developers halt Swanton Wind plans, blaming opposition in high places 29 Nov 2017
Vermont Swanton Wind project paused, application withdrawn 28 Nov 2017
Vermont New rule on volume of wind turbines now in effect 22 Nov 2017
Vermont Kidder Hill turbines to be sited in Lowell, not Irasburg 17 Nov 2017
Vermont New wind rules please no one 17 Nov 2017
Vermont State investigating whether blasting violated Deerfield Wind permit 14 Nov 2017
Vermont State opens investigation into blasting at Deerfield wind site 9 Nov 2017
Vermont Newly approved wind turbine sound rules leave many unhappy 27 Oct 2017
Vermont New Sound Rules Could Limit Ridgeline Wind Energy In Vermont 26 Oct 2017
Vermont Anti-wind group demands documents from legislative panel 19 Oct 2017
Vermont Lawmakers spar over noise limits for wind turbines 13 Oct 2017
Vermont Vt. legislative panel blocks new wind turbine setback rule; Citizens group irate over committee votes 13 Oct 2017
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