Library from Vermont

USA Vermont Adam Kelly: Direct Testimony to Vermont Public Service Board on behalf of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources 22 Dec 2004
Vermont Tourism and Industrial Wind Turbines 1 Dec 2004
Vermont Agency Of Natural Resources (ANR) Policy: Wind Energy and Other Renewable Energy Development on ANR Lands 1 Dec 2004
Maine Mississippi Montana North Carolina Vermont Wind Turbines are Part of the Solution but a Small Part 1 Nov 2004
Vermont Caution in the wind 30 Sep 2004
USA Vermont Review by Hugh Kemper of REPP's 'The Effect of Wind Development on Local Property Values' 1 Jun 2004
Vermont Londonderry Resident Analyses Beacon Hill's Reports re. Glebe Mountain Environs 1 May 2004
Vermont Wind Power- The Battle of Acronyms 1 May 2004
Vermont Wind Power Is Not Dependable 1 May 2004
Vermont ‘Wind must be part of energy mix’? 1 Apr 2004
Vermont Wind Energy: Vermont need not ‘fly blind’ 1 Apr 2004
Vermont Moratorium on wind power needed 19 Mar 2004
Vermont The Fight Against Industrial Wind Power- It is Simply Common Sense 1 Mar 2004
Vermont The High Cost of Wind 18 Feb 2004
Connecticut Massachusetts Maine New Hampshire Rhode Island Vermont ISO-NE Load Forecast Methodology 19 Dec 2003
Vermont 2004 Vermont Comprehensive Energy And Electric Plan 4 Dec 2003
Vermont The Poor Record of the Searsburg, Vermont, Wind Plant 1 Dec 2003
Vermont Wind Turbines Equal Impoverished Legacy 3 Oct 2003
Vermont In re Petition of Tom Halnon: The Quechee Test 20 Aug 2002
Connecticut Massachusetts Maine New Hampshire Rhode Island Vermont Comments of the New England Conference of PUC and VT DPS 2 Feb 2002
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