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Who is protecting us?

Apparently, the state of Vermont in the form of the Public Service Board and Public Service Department is ready to roll out the red carpet for big corporations at the expense of Vermont citizens. Between the lines of all of the politically correct jargon, what I learned from this meeting was that the public had better aggressively advocate for themselves, because the state is not going to protect us adequately.
6 Jul 2012

More wind woes for Derby

Just as the controversy on wind turbines in Derby was simmering down, a new proposal for a turbine has re-ignited the debate, but at a smaller scale. The Derby Planning Commission heard from a group of residents and a wind developer Monday who brought up many of the same arguments.
5 Jul 2012

PSB to conduct hearing in Newark on MET tower application

Because the Hawk Rock MET tower installation would see more than an acre of clearing and public comments, Remington noted, "raised significant issues regarding the presence of rare, threatened, or endangered species or natural communities...I find that a site visit to the Hawk Rock MET tower site could prove informative."
5 Jul 2012

PSB member would bow out of wind ruling

John Burke of the Public Service Board said he would recuse himself if the wind project on the Grandpa's Knob ridgeline proposed by developer Reunion Power goes before the board. He cited conflicts of interest and ethics. ..."For 40 years, for 30 years, for 35 years, I have hunted that ridge."
30 Jun 2012

A better path than wind

In short, ridgeline wind is extremely destructive relative to the energy it provides, it is not cost effective and likely will never be, it does not have good overall resource potential in this region, and there are much better alternatives that do have a good cost and resource outlook.
29 Jun 2012

Planning group in Northeast Kingdom votes for wind moratorium

The resolution - which Stransky said would be incorporated into the energy section of a rewrite of the regional plan - calls for a moratorium of three years, while the planning group evaluates the costs and benefits of wind development, health impacts, transmission requirements, effects on ridgetop environments and impact on property values.
29 Jun 2012

Wind developer loses battle

Encore pulled the application for the Grand View Farm turbine and announced it would no longer pursue a second turbine closer to the Canadian border. Encore then asked for a two-year extension of the commissioning milestone in hopes of reapplying for approval next year. The Public Service Board refused.
27 Jun 2012

Firm eyes Windham for wind power

"We carefully drafted and approved a town plan that prohibits commercial wind development on our ridgelines," Boyer said. "And our intention is to uphold our town plan." Grafton officials are researching what their regulations might say about wind power.
27 Jun 2012

Encore runs out of wind

However, these contracts have a three-year to completion shelf life. The contract between the state and Encore Redevelopment is due to expire Jan. 15, 2013. Encore applied for an extension of 25 months, into 2015, arguing that the company had faced numerous delays in getting the project off the ground. ...PSB denied the extension, making it impossible for Encore to meet the January 2013 deadline.
25 Jun 2012

3rd town votes to oppose wind farm

In a unanimous vote, the five-member Select Board resolved to oppose the Reunion Power wind project. The decision was met by a round of applause from residents who overflowed the meeting room ...Pittsford is the third town to take a stand against the ridgeline project that spans four towns.
21 Jun 2012

Against The Wind

Since official word spread that a wind developer wanted to put stakes down in Brighton, Ferdinand and Newark earlier this spring, local opposition has grown. Residents in effected communities have filed their official concerns to the Vermont Public Service Board, which will now decide if the would-be project - by Seneca Mountain Wind, LLC - should get a Certificate of Public Good (CPG).
21 Jun 2012

Opponents aim to halt Newark wind project

Before Eolian Renewable Energy applies to put up 35 to 40 turbines in the Northeast Kingdom, it first has to test the wind. This involves erecting 200 foot wind measuring towers. They're called MET towers and one is planned for Hawk Rock in Newark. The town planning commission wants state regulators to say no to the testing equipment.
14 Jun 2012

In Vermont wind debate, the breeze stiffens

In some places, as in Newark, local opponents have learned from defeats in Sheffield and Lowell. They are organizing earlier and press­ing local selectboards and planning commissions to join the opposition to protect local ridgelines. In Derby, opponents turned wind devel­opment into an international issue, with protests in Stanstead, Quebec.
7 Jun 2012

Holland: No to Derby Line Wind

The Holland Select Board unanimously voted no to the Derby Line Wind project Monday evening. Even though the developer has said he will not pursue one of the turbines and has put the other on hold until next year, the board wanted to go on record with its opposition.
7 Jun 2012
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