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3rd town votes to oppose wind farm

In a unanimous vote, the five-member Select Board resolved to oppose the Reunion Power wind project. The decision was met by a round of applause from residents who overflowed the meeting room ...Pittsford is the third town to take a stand against the ridgeline project that spans four towns.
21 Jun 2012

Against The Wind

Since official word spread that a wind developer wanted to put stakes down in Brighton, Ferdinand and Newark earlier this spring, local opposition has grown. Residents in effected communities have filed their official concerns to the Vermont Public Service Board, which will now decide if the would-be project - by Seneca Mountain Wind, LLC - should get a Certificate of Public Good (CPG).
21 Jun 2012

Opponents aim to halt Newark wind project

Before Eolian Renewable Energy applies to put up 35 to 40 turbines in the Northeast Kingdom, it first has to test the wind. This involves erecting 200 foot wind measuring towers. They're called MET towers and one is planned for Hawk Rock in Newark. The town planning commission wants state regulators to say no to the testing equipment.
14 Jun 2012

In Vermont wind debate, the breeze stiffens

In some places, as in Newark, local opponents have learned from defeats in Sheffield and Lowell. They are organizing earlier and press­ing local selectboards and planning commissions to join the opposition to protect local ridgelines. In Derby, opponents turned wind devel­opment into an international issue, with protests in Stanstead, Quebec.
7 Jun 2012

Holland: No to Derby Line Wind

The Holland Select Board unanimously voted no to the Derby Line Wind project Monday evening. Even though the developer has said he will not pursue one of the turbines and has put the other on hold until next year, the board wanted to go on record with its opposition.
7 Jun 2012

NVDA leaders propose wind moratorium

Leaders of the Northeastern Vermont Development Association recommend a three-year suspension of industrial-sized wind projects to allow the Northeast Kingdom to study the impacts. The executive committee of NVDA voted in May to put the resolution before the full board on June 28, NVDA board President Kenn Stransky said Tuesday.
6 Jun 2012

Wind farm proposal in Rutland County draws opposition

"I mean we're the ones who have to deal with this," says Sonny. "Once they're up, Mr. Eisenberg is going to put his check in the bank and he's going to live happily ever after. He has no connection with the real people here. He doesn't know what we're going to be dealing with. And it's going to divide this town. It's friends, relatives, neighbors, everybody."
4 Jun 2012

Brock takes issue with Shumlin's renewable energy policies

"I'm concerned by the large amount of land that has to be bulldozed and opened up in order to get these towers up to the top of the mountains," Brock said. "People don't come to Vermont to look at wind towers with lights with noise and with all the associated issues that go along with them." Brock is also concerned about the economics of these projects.
1 Jun 2012

Boards seek PSB hearing for public input

The town's select board and planning commission are requesting Vermont Public Service Board hold a hearing on Eolian Renewable Energy's request to site one of four proposed meteorological towers here, with the other three in nearby Brighton and Ferdinand. So far, a hearing has not been scheduled, said the PSB's clerk Thursday.
1 Jun 2012

Newark resident files complaint with ANR

The complaint was filed as a new violation complaint online on April 16, the 4-page document shows. The reported violation is stated as occurring at Hawk Rock, where the wind farm wants to site one of the meteorological towers associated with its hoped-for wind project, and the violation also is stated to have allegedly taken place at Quarry Road.
1 Jun 2012

Lowell Mountain ridgeline owner to sue Nelsons

The owner of land leased for the Lowell wind project is seeking to counter-sue Don and Shirley Nelson over their claim to part of the property. The Nelsons say they own a piece of the ridgeline where two turbines and a key section of ridgeline road is located for the wind project.
31 May 2012

Newark Neighbors unite in protest

About a half hour before the informational event hosted by Eolian began, protesters from Newark and adjoining communities, including East Haven, Sheffield and Sutton and more, started lining up at the entries to the school's driveway on either side. Fifty signs protesting the wind project were purchased and sold.
28 May 2012

Residents want a vote on wind project

"This is a nightmare. I can't believe this is happening in Vermont,' said Beverly Peterson. "I thought Vermont valued its landscapes. I can't believe this is happening and we have to stop it." Pittsford Select Board Chairman Hank Pelkey said the board is gathering as much information, from both sides of the project, so they can make the best informed decision.
28 May 2012

Derby line WindEncore pulls plug on 2-turbine project

Developer Chad Farrell of Encore Redevelopment announced Friday afternoon that he has voluntarily withdrawn a plan for two large wind turbines on two Derby farms near the Canadian border, citing mounting costs and international controversy that threatened to overwhelm the resources of his firm and state utility regulators.
26 May 2012

PSB urges opponents to work together

The Wagners were prominent in alerting Cotter and the PSB that Encore had failed to properly notify all abutting landowners about Encore's application for certificates of public good for the two turbines. That failure prompted Cotter to push the hearing schedule back into late summer and to give more time to seek party status for those who were notified late.
23 May 2012
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