Library from Vermont

Vermont The wind industry has vastly damaged Vermont 11 May 2017
Vermont Public brings its hopes and fears to hearing on turbine noise 10 May 2017
Vermont Public Service Board holds hearings on wind sound rules that would be lowest in nation 5 May 2017
Vermont The winds of woe 27 Apr 2017
Vermont 1 Dead in accident at Deerfield wind site 19 Apr 2017
Vermont Mountains, wildlife took precedence over 60 windmills 8 Apr 2017
Vermont PSB schedules two more hearings on stricter sound standards for wind projects 31 Mar 2017
Vermont New noise limit would end turbine development, say advocates 10 Mar 2017
Vermont Sheffield wind project testing protocol disputed 7 Mar 2017
Vermont Big Wind critics: New sound rules for Vermont wind turbines fall short 7 Mar 2017
Vermont PSB proposes strict sound standards on wind development 6 Mar 2017
Vermont Swanton Wind will go ahead despite PSB setback 4 Mar 2017
Vermont Vermont National Guard poses new challenge for Swanton Wind turbines 4 Mar 2017
Vermont National Guard wants to intervene; Filing contradicts FAA findings 28 Feb 2017
Vermont PSB Hearing process weighted for wind developers 24 Feb 2017
Vermont Public grills Swanton Wind representatives; Four hour meeting kicks off PSB process 10 Feb 2017
Vermont Senate bill aims to turn Shumlin’s green-energy goal into mandate 7 Feb 2017
Vermont The Kafkaesque world of windmill neighbors 3 Feb 2017
Vermont Public Service Board penalty for turbine violation called a ‘slap on the wrist’ 23 Jan 2017
Vermont Public makes noise on wind regulations; PSB hosts discussion on sound limits 12 Jan 2017
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