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The Not-So-Green Mountains

Vermont's proud history of leadership in developing innovative, effective environmental protection is being tossed aside. This project will set an ominous precedent by ripping apart a healthy, intact ecosystem in the guise of doing something about climate change. In return, Green Mountain Power will receive $44 million in federal production tax credits ...The pursuit of large-scale, ridgeline wind power in Vermont represents a profound failure to understand the value of our landscape to our souls and our economic future in Vermont.
29 Sep 2011

Turbines add twist to cross case

The District 7 Commission of the ANR ruled that the cross was "shocking and offensive," and wants it down. State attorneys confirmed that the evidence has been reopened for the case, due to the erection of the wind towers, but declined to comment for the record. The judge is agreeable to admitting new evidence based on the wind towers being in the view shed, attorneys on both sides said.
20 Sep 2011

Smith: Whoa! to wind energy development in Vermont

We are in a fragile economy, with a glut of electricity available in New England at low cost for the foreseeable future. The price of solar energy is declining every day. More than 90 percent of Vermont's greenhouse gas emissions are from heating and transportation. With so much at stake for Vermont, the prudent thing to do is stop, look and listen. Wind developers and our political leaders owe it to all Vermonters and our wild creatures to make sure we get this right.
22 Aug 2011

Tilting at Turbines

"The governor is free to make deals," said Wright. "But his appointees also have an oath to protect the natural resources of the state." Wright said Vermont is destroying tens of thousands of years of geological history to make room for one short-term power project ...Where are the environmental groups, Wright asks. "Why aren't they acting with outrage that these mountains are being blasted away into rubble?"
27 Jul 2011

GMP halts Lowell wind project over missteps

Agency of Natural Resources Secretary Deb Markowitz said her agency has been to the site and is assessing the damage. Markowitz said at the agency's request, Green Mountain Power asked the Public Service Board not to give final approval to its conservation easements until the issues are resolved.
23 Jul 2011

ANR's draft certification for GMP wind project allows Lowell Mountains' water quality to be degraded

"The Lowell wind project is a high-risk site with steep elevations and very erodible soils, the Applicants have proposed the use of alternate Best Management Practices, which are essentially untested and unproven at scale this large," stated Geoff Goll of Princeton Hydro, the experts hired by Energize Vermont to examine the application.
22 Jul 2011

With the Lowell Mountain wind project, timing (and money) is everything

If the governor were being ingenuous, he might advocate a moratorium on any proposed wind project until his secretary had completed her charge. ...We know why Shumlin and Powell cannot wait: Federal money available for this, otherwise, "never never" plan evaporates at midnight at the end of this year if the Certificate of Public Good is not in hand.
21 Feb 2011

Eco-minded students finally meet a renewable they don't like

Not that the students oppose wind power per se, says Ira Powsner, a Sterling junior who's majoring in conservation ecology and who helped get the petition started. They just believe that 400-plus-foot turbines aren't appropriate for ridgelines in general, and for Lowell in particular. The students are especially familiar with that one, because it's the destination of their annual "winter expedition."
17 Dec 2010

Wind At Their Backs? II

Annette Smith, the head of Vermonters for a Clean Environment (VCE), the only green group opposing wind power in Vermont (the other, Energize Vermont, is really a VCE spinoff) said she had spent a lot of time discussing the wind issue with officials of the other environmental groups, and suspects that one reason they are all so pro-wind is that a few of them have some financial connections with wind power companies.
17 Nov 2010

Packed house for Friends of the Northfield Ridge wind power presentation

Smith told the crowd about how the Vermont Public Service review process works, including the PSB's ability to include or exclude groups that would normally have party status under Act 250, Vermont's land use review law. Smith provided maps showing where wind projects in Vermont are approved, under review and/or proposed and also detailed how local communities would be impacted.
30 Sep 2010
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