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Shumlin should curb arrogance

This week, when confronting criticisms about industrial wind's assault of Vermont's mountains, he lashed out at critics, calling them "the committee against virtually everything." Vermont needs an urgent and informed debate for dealing with climate change. Yet it is hard to have such a discussion when Vermonters who adopt views contrary to the governor's are dismissed with an imperial wave of the hand.
1 Nov 2012

Siting commission draws wind critics to first meeting

While the commission was asked to include all kinds of energy generation projects in its review, it is wind turbines that have caused the most widespread controversy in Vermont. Although three commercial projects have been built, and a third is under construction, there has been rising opposition in towns where new projects have been proposed.
1 Nov 2012

Windmill plans tied up

Vermonters for a Clean Environment (VCE), along with the Wilderness Society and Defenders of Wildlife, are trying to block the plan. VCE recently filed a motion for summary judgment in US District Court, claiming the project planning did not correctly carry out evaluation processes required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).
25 Oct 2012

Lowell Wind: Supreme Court strikes down appeals

This is not the end of the hearing process. The PSB is still considering appeals over the stormwater runoff plans and water quality plans. The opponents said they will appeal. Green Mountain Power wants to have all of its 459-foot-tall turbines on the ridgeline operating by year's end to secure $44 million in federal production tax credits.
20 Oct 2012

State defends Newark in wind energy case

Newark residents voted 169-59 last month to amend their town plan to oppose "industrial scale generation and transmission facilities" in the community. The amendments also barred commercial structures taller than 125 feet, which would rule out Eolian's wind-measuring tower.
19 Oct 2012

Sheffield family's concerns over wind project noise see independent monitoring installed

Luann and Steve Therrien have been complaining since the spring about how noise from the turbines is impacting their family's sleep and more. ..."At Baily's [Luann's daughter] last doctor's visit, I voiced my concerns and she advised me move," she said. ...And Seager's [their toddler son] behavior is not good when the towers are loud." Special thanks to the Cal-Rec for permitting us to post this article in full.
19 Oct 2012

Don't buy false promise of wind

If Shumlin is indeed seeking the best interests for our state and not pandering to paid-for-political power, he can and should reflect upon industrial wind under the circumspection of the economic, ecological, and social damage caused by the broken promises from Yankee. There is a better, more thoughtful choice. A choice that begins with an immediate moratorium on industrial wind.
17 Oct 2012

Growing wind-turbine opposition creates hurdles for states

The lingering public perception of gentle Dutch-style windmills in the countryside does not match wind’s stark reality, critics say. Turbines are industrial machines that can exceed the height of the Statue of Liberty, and they’re increasingly financed by subsidiaries of Big Energy giants such as BP and Florida Power & Light.
16 Oct 2012

DPS backs Windham in wind project opposition

"It's the department's position that the board has to heed the town plan in a situation like this," Miller asserts, "Because the town has gone through a considered and deliberative process in coming up with this town plan to determine that it doesn't want commercial development in these regions."
15 Oct 2012

Protesters say wind power will harm Vermont

From Randy Brock to Batman, protesters from all 14 counties came to Montpelier waging war on large-scale wind. "I hope that the governor wakes up and directs the Public Service Board and the Legislature to have a moratorium on wind development," said Lisa Wright Garcia of West Rutland.
13 Oct 2012

PSB to hear Georgia Wind violations

The Public Service Board will receive filings about Georgia Mountain Community Wind's alleged blasting violations this month, according to a schedule agreed to both parties and accepted by the PSB on October 4. This is the first step in addressing the wind project's violations of its certificate of public good, which the PSB granted in June 2010.
10 Oct 2012

Gone with the wind

What do these wind turbines represent? Opportunism, for one. In return for investing in the wind project, GMP will receive $44 million in federal production tax credits over 10 years. Environmentalists pushed hard for those incentives, and you can't blame entrepreneurs for leaping at them.
10 Oct 2012
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