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Neighbors vote against Seneca Wind project

After the votes were counted, John Soininen, the project manager [of Seneca Wind], said he was disappointed in the result. Soininen says while this particular application will not be submitted, if the company decides to move forward, a future proposal might garner more local support. Opponents to the project say they hope any plan to erect towers on Seneca Mountain is dead.
14 Jan 2014

Noisy neighbor?

A public hearing Wednesday was billed as a way to help the Public Service Board develop a new process to re-evaluate noise levels at all utilities. But for the majority, wind was front and center. "There are a lot of people in this room who are living with the problems, who have filed complaints with the board and have not even received a response," said Annette Smith of Vermonters for a Clean Environment.
8 Jan 2014

UTG ballots on wind project to be counted Jan. 13

A nearly two-year wait for people in this part of the Northeast Kingdom to find out whether an industrial wind project may take root here may be over soon. On Jan. 13 at 6 p.m., the Board of Governors of the Unified Towns and Gores will announce the results of a recent ballot of property owners in the UTGs, asking them their stance on a proposed wind project. The confidential, sealed ballot responses have been kept under lock and key since they were due to be postmarked by Dec. 12 and returned.
30 Dec 2013

Northeast Kingdom residents weigh in on Seneca Mountain wind project

Pam Arborio is a founder  of the opposition group, Save Our Senecas.  Arborio notes that the survey financed by Seneca Wind did not go to all registered voters in the greater region impacted by the turbines. It was sent to about 400 properties - one ballot per household - only in the surrounding Unified Towns and Gores, known as the UTG. Many of those are camps or second homes.  So far, about 280 property tax payers have responded.
19 Dec 2013

NE States split over power line cost sharing

Federal regulators are being asked to resolve a regional rift over who should pay for new power lines needed to carry renewable electricity to southern New England. Vermont has joined New Hampshire and Rhode Island to oppose the cost-sharing formula being promoted by Massachusetts, Connecticut and Maine. ...the more populated states are trying to offload much of the cost of the new power projects on other states in New England.
18 Dec 2013

PSB to probe sound standards for turbines, other energy projects

There has been a significant increase in energy projects before the board, in part driven by legislative enactments to push renewable energy projects, the board stated. That has led to "an increase in interest in the amount and types of sounds that such facilities produce and questions about whether and how such sounds might impact the quality of life of those living near enough to the facilities to hear them."
12 Dec 2013

Margolis: In the UTG, a one-property, one-vote referendum on Seneca Wind

But there’s a political contest going on in Vermont, and though it is both small and unofficial, it may not be trivial. The result could determine whether a wind power project known as Seneca Mountain Wind is built atop some of the wildest, most remote wildlife habitat in the state. If Seneca is constructed, it would be the third windfarm on a ridgeline in the Northeast Kingdom — after Sheffield and Lowell.
8 Dec 2013

Wind power opponents say studies are flawed

“The neighbors count, no matter what.” That was the message Stephen Ambrose brought to a discussion on the negative impact of wind power Friday night, hosted by Vermonters for a Clean Environment. Ambrose also brought 35 years of environmental noise-consulting experience to the United Church of Christ, where he was joined by local politicians, as well as Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire residents, all affected by the construction of windmills near their homes.
8 Dec 2013

A blatant attempt to buy votes?

Ccf11302013_0001_thumb No matter what you think of industrial wind power, the financial proposal that Eolian Renewable Energy has come up with in Essex County doesn't smell too good. In fact, it reeks of desperation. ...Property owners (over 400) in, and residents (roughly 40) of, the Unified Towns and Gores (UTG) would receive an annual check of $922 if the plan is approved. That's not public money; it's a personal check -- $922 in each landowner's pocket.
27 Nov 2013

Concerns raised, discussed at Townshend wind forum

When the project was first announced, Lorusso said he was in favor of it, believing it to be clean, renewable and sustainable energy -- a view that changed once construction got underway. "It is not clean," he said. "They blasted. There were swamps there. There were the beautiful trees, the wildlife. It's a hard thing because I have not been able to get to terms with what was taken from me." Since the turbines have been put up, Lorusso said a significant amount of the wildlife has since left the area.
26 Nov 2013

Northeast Kingdom wind project seeks backing

“Everyone who gets a tax bill is going to get a vote,” said John Soininen, [Eolian] project manager. But not everyone agreed. “I’ve never heard of anything voted on in this state before where we let out-of-state landowners vote on town issues,” said state Sen. John Rodgers.
13 Nov 2013

New England states debate sharing costs for new power lines

The issue is whether ratepayers across the region should foot the bill for power lines needed for southern New England. The debate has pitted Vermont against some of the more populated states to our south. Southern New England – in particular Massachusetts and Connecticut – needs more renewable generation to meet their clean-energy mandates.
13 Nov 2013
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