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Could initial offshore wind projects crash New England's REC market?

The circular logic of REC market fundamentals would have low REC pricing jeopardizing future development. As renewable energy project profit margins get squeezed, fewer projects will be built and forward REC prices would rebound as forward supply tightens.The worry is that offshore wind projects could break this self-correcting market logic in the New England Power Pool (NEPOOL).
14 Oct 2014

Why electric rates are rising

What about renewables? For many reasons, renewable build-out is not happening very quickly. As of last year, less than 10 percent of Vermont’s in-state electricity generation was by renewables, not counting hydro. Also, renewables are generally paired with natural gas (gas-fired plants are turned on when the wind dies down or the sun sets). So renewables are not going to be much help right now.
12 Oct 2014

Seneca Mountain Wind pulls the plug

In a letter dated Thursday, Karen Tyler, an attorney with the Burlington law firm of Dunkiel Saunders Elliott Raubvogel and Hand PLLC states, “SMW (Seneca Mountain Wind) no longer plans to either pursue its MET Tower project at a later date, or seek permission from the Board to transfer the CPG to another person or entity.”
27 Sep 2014

We are "Victims of Industrial Wind"

Only when we experienced the noise firsthand, did we begin to understand and wonder just what we were facing. About six months in we realized the project is impacting us. We started connecting the sounds with how we feel. Hardly believed it was true until we started reading up on wind turbine syndrome. The same symptoms are echoed world wide!
21 Sep 2014

Clean and green? New case challenges Green Mountain Power's renewable energy claims

Parenteau and the petitioners don’t deny that GMP has constructed significant renewable energy projects. But they say the utility is selling so-called “credits” for that green power to high-paying customers out of state – mainly utilities in Massachusetts and Connecticut. The stuff Vermonters are paying for? Parenteau says it’s the dirty “brown” energy produced by coal, gas and nuclear plants elsewhere on the New England grid.
16 Sep 2014

In Vermont, a milestone in green-energy efforts

"They are selling the renewable energy credits to customers in other states. Those customers have the renewable and clean energy benefits of that power," Levine said. "Simply using accounting measures to make claims about clean energy doesn't get us there."
14 Sep 2014

NVDA report: big wind Is wrong strategy to curb emissions

There are better ways to reduce Vermont's production of green house gases than industrial-sized wind turbines on ridgelines that cause controversy and overburden the Northeast Kingdom's transmission lines. That's one of the recommendations out of a wind study done for the Northeastern Vermont Development Association that took three years of research.
23 Aug 2014

Senate hopefuls debate wind power in Windham

"Would I favor wind development on ridge tops in Windham? Absolutely not," he said. "Our ridgelines have very important purposes -- for environmental matters, for health matters, for water-quality matters. They’ve always been considered to be an important part of our infrastructure in the state."
16 Aug 2014

Failed planning

“What were they thinking?” when New England’s state energy planners backed building 25-cent-per-kilowatt-hour wind projects while opposing reliable, existing, low-cost generators like Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant.
11 Aug 2014
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