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Revolt: Vermont town votes 274-9 against giant wind turbines

In a stinging rebuke of Vermont’s most prominent wind developer, Irasburg residents packed Town Hall Thursday night and voted 274-9 against hosting giant wind turbines on a nearby ridgeline in sight of local neighborhoods. ...Additional time was taken in hopes of locating the project’s developer, David Blittersdorf, who was widely expected to make a presentation defending his project. Once it became apparent he was a no-show the Selectboard proceeded with a vote.
2 Oct 2015

NVDA report: big wind Is wrong strategy to curb emissions

There are better ways to reduce Vermont's production of green house gases than industrial-sized wind turbines on ridgelines that cause controversy and overburden the Northeast Kingdom's transmission lines. That's one of the recommendations out of a wind study done for the Northeastern Vermont Development Association that took three years of research.
23 Aug 2014

A blatant attempt to buy votes?

Ccf11302013_0001_thumb No matter what you think of industrial wind power, the financial proposal that Eolian Renewable Energy has come up with in Essex County doesn't smell too good. In fact, it reeks of desperation. ...Property owners (over 400) in, and residents (roughly 40) of, the Unified Towns and Gores (UTG) would receive an annual check of $922 if the plan is approved. That's not public money; it's a personal check -- $922 in each landowner's pocket.
27 Nov 2013

Proposed bill: No turbines in Windham

Two state senators have introduced a bill that, if approved, could ensure that wind turbines will not rise above Windham. The bill requires that the state Public Service Board approve such a project only if it complies with Windham’s town plan. And Windham’s town plan bans commercial turbines. Windham County Sen. Peter Galbraith says it’s a simple matter of prioritizing local control on a project that could have widespread impacts in Windham.
10 Apr 2013

Newark residents amend town plan to oppose wind

A large turnout of residents at a special town meeting Monday swiftly gave a message to the developers of a hoped-for wind project here: by a nearly 3-to-1 margin, the voters amended the town plan, stating the majority of residents do not want to play host to an industrial-scale wind turbine installation.
19 Sep 2012

Clarification on wind story

Petitioned language involving Ira's future approach to renewable energy was amended on the floor to add "in accordance with the town plan." ...In the end, people knew exactly what they came for, and exactly on what they were voting. There were no further questions or discussion. The vote was a resounding 89-20 in support of an Ira renewable energy policy that leaves industrial wind turbines off Ira ridgelines.
13 Mar 2010

Wind project opposition dominates Ira meeting

A proposed wind farm dominated discussion of updating the town plan Tuesday, with many residents asking if the town can put a stop to the development. Neither the Select Board nor the Planning Commission took any formal action Tuesday night, but commission member Tim Martin called the comments "very useful" and said the commission would work on revisions. He said the commission was not used to getting this amount of input.
25 Jun 2009

Town goes on attack against tower plan

The town's Select Board plans to file documents with the state Public Service Board opposing a wind farm proposal to be located in Clarendon, Ira and neighboring towns. Board members voted Monday to oppose Vermont Community Wind Farm's plan to develop an 80-megawatt wind facility and to erect a 197-foot temporary wind measurement tower on Susie's Peak in Clarendon.
25 Jun 2009

Wind turbine developer reapplies for testing permit

A wind farm developer has reapplied for a permit to put up testing equipment after relocating a proposed site from Ira to Clarendon. ...VCWF spokesman Jeffrey Wennberg said consultants first identified the Suzie's Peak location during the winter. When they went back in the spring, they discovered it was close to a wetland.
16 Jun 2009

Ira gets 'wind' of new project

The town might see its future if it looks to Lempster, N.H. The man who wants to build a wind farm in and around Ira appeared before the Select Board for the first time Monday. He told the 30 people who crowded into the Town Clerk's office the New Hampshire town's topography and wind turbines makes it a decent representation of what he wants to do.
5 May 2009

Deerfield Wind gets state OK

The Vermont Public Service Board on Thursday issued a Certificate of Public Good to Deerfield Wind, LLC, for the construction 15 400-foot wind turbines. ...The project's impact on black bear habitat was a concern for the board. Board member John Burke was opposed to issuing the certificate. "I do agree with my colleagues' determinations that the project will have adverse impacts on black bears and bear habitat, and that as proposed, the project offers insufficient benefits to offset those adverse impacts," Burke said.
18 Apr 2009

Wind farm development picks up; Five projects could provide 7% of state's electricity

The number of proposed wind farms under active development in Vermont has reached a new peak. If built as proposed - a big "if" - the five projects could provide up to nearly 7 percent of the state's electrical energy. ...Wind-energy projects are required to win a certificate of public good from the state Public Service Board, which weighs the impact of development on a long list of environmental factors, aesthetics, noise and more. Opponents can take part in the hearings and appeal the results.
17 Apr 2009

VEC pitches wind project

A $100 million wind project by Kingdom Community Wind on the Lowell ridge line might provide renewable power, helping VEC and Green Mountain Power fill out renewable energy portfolios, he said. But it will not reduce electricity rates for co-op members, Hallquist said. Electricity prices are expected to climb across the U.S., even if utilities use renewable local sources, he said.
10 Apr 2009

Wind developer expects long process

The developer behind a proposed wind farm did not have answers to all the questions put to him Monday, but said the permitting process would provide them. More than 160 people crowded into the Tinmouth Community Hall to hear Per White-Hansen of Charlotte describe his plan.
7 Apr 2009
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