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Wind towers near Minot need fixing

MINOT, N.D. Wind towers south of here are undergoing repairs. The wind generators on the east side of U.S. Highway 83, about 10 miles south of Minot, have not been spinning to produce electricity for the last couple of months. Crews have been working to replace gear boxes.
8 Feb 2006

Lobbying against wind farms

ALBANY -- Outspoken residents from the rural North Country and Mohawk Valley lobbied lawmakers in Albany Monday against unfettered development of wind generators and electric utility fees that help pay for them.
8 Feb 2006

Wind power a possibilty for county

PORT CLINTON -- City Council is looking into joining other Ottawa County governments to bring energy-producing windmills to the area, thus decreasing local dependency on FirstEnergy to provide electricity.
8 Feb 2006

Energy solution more than wind

Should Vermont proceed on its own now, scar its ridgelines with industrial development and major road construction (as would be required by the Glebe Mountain proposal) in the belief that we would be doing "our part" in the effort to combat global warming? I think not —
6 Feb 2006
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