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Tippecanoe settles on revised wind power rules

After months of wrangling, the county commissioners unanimously approved ordinance changes that will require turbines be placed at least 750 feet away from the property line and 1,200 feet from a dwelling ...residents who've spent the most time and energy fighting wind farm developments said Monday that they "reluctantly support" changes to the setback requirements.
3 Aug 2010

Winsted panel turns down wind plan

Optiwind's quixotic mission to build a wind turbine came to an end Monday night. The Planning and Zoning Commission voted 4 to 1 to deny Optiwind's application to revise the current zoning regulations, citing the time element and information deficit over possible benefits of the wind turbine.
2 Aug 2010

Wind power program withdrawn before Balto. Co. Council vote

A pilot wind power program for Baltimore County was withdrawn Monday before a County Council vote after community groups complained the measure failed to protect residential areas from nearby turbines. ..."There was a lot of opposition that came in. People weren't paying attention" to the emergence of the bill during a work session last month, he said.
2 Aug 2010

Rules to be set for wind turbines

The city is making way for wind turbines that are popping up around the Rio Grande Valley. Officials are setting guidelines for wind turbines and other forms of alterative energy sources after homeowners and businesses expressed interest in installing them here, said John Rodriguez, the city's code enforcement officer.
25 Jul 2010

Draft revisions to Adams County wind farm ordinance includes increase setback

Noted changes mentioned in a news release issued by McLaughlin include increasing the setback from nonparticipating property owners from 1,000 to 1,320 feet. ..."We want to make sure we got some things in there that protect the county and the people in Adams County, but also we want to make it friendly enough that we don't run the developers away," McLaughlin said.
24 Jul 2010

Columbiana council eyes wind turbine rules

The regulations would apply to anyone within the city interested in installing a wind energy conversion system (WECS) under the five-megawatt size on their property. ...The regulations state that "shadow flicker" from the turning of the blades cannot be allowed to affect the neighbor's home, the WECS must have brakes and cannot be more than 100 feet tall.
23 Jul 2010

Unanswered questions about Edsall letter

It should be noted that two other Planning Board members have wind conflicts, and the lack of a specific wind law would be of great advantage to wind leaseholders like Mr. Edsall and the wind developers. With no wind law, this would bring the control of wind development almost entirely under the control of Mr. Edsall and his conflicted board allowing wide latitude for turbine placement.
23 Jul 2010

State provides informal opinion on Beekmantown wind project

"The ZBA was not authorized, in exercising original jurisdiction over conditional use permits, to ignore the zoning law in effect or to affirm the vitality of its earlier issued conditional use permit without considering also the issue of vested rights," he wrote. "The ZBA did not have 'continued jurisdiction' and was without authority to extend the terms of a conditional use permit issued under a zoning law that was no longer in effect."
19 Jul 2010

Woodford wind farm proposal under fire

Glazier believes Krug is circumventing the public hearing procedure by having board members submit questions before the public meeting. He has been campaigning to reopen public hearings on the project, which he says has changed far beyond its original description in the application for a special use permit and as presented during the public meetings.
16 Jul 2010

Riga wind projects draw critics; more meetings set

"We will have as many meetings as you want," township supervisor Jefferee Simon said. "Wind turbine regulations are in the hands of the planning commission." "We are being asked to make decisions on things that will happen in this community," Karg said. "We need to do our due diligence and take advice of legal counsel so we are not set up for lawsuits."
14 Jul 2010

Dixfield: Petition seeks to zone out wind power

McKay said in an e-mail that the petition asks voters to create an ordinance that would prohibit industrial development, except logging operations and communication towers, above 1,000 feet elevation in the areas of the Colonel Holman Mountain range and Sugarloaf Mountain. ...The town's wind moratorium, which will have been in effect for a year, expires in October.
14 Jul 2010
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