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An Ill Wind: Open Season on Bald Eagles

The new rule could further harm golden eagles, which are rarer than bald eagles and are being whacked by wind turbines in far greater numbers. Mr. Hutchins says that the lack of protection for golden eagles is “the biggest weakness of this whole rule.” The double standard is stunning.
17 May 2016

Eagle nest puts brakes on Xcel Energy wind turbines

Flowers noted the turbines will remain inactive throughout the summer while the flight pattern of the eagles continues to be monitored by the state. However, it's possible to curtail more turbines if necessary. Xcel won't know for sure until the fledglings leave the nest, possibly around late October, and if the eagles choose to continue returning to the nest. Around that time, the company may apply for a permit to remove or relocate the nest — known as an Eagle Take Permit — but as of now, it's a waiting game.
16 May 2016

Threat to eagles shut down 3

In addition to idling the turbines closest to the nest through the summer, Xcel Energy plans to pursue a federal Eagle Take Permit that would protect the utility from liability in the event of an eagle death, according to an April 14 letter to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission.
12 May 2016

Wind industry, bird advocates dissect new eagle rule

Michael Hutchins, the Bird-Smart Wind Energy Program campaign director at the American Bird Conservancy, said "We still have a few concerns. One is that the plan seems heavily predicated on mitigation." There are only a few mitigation methods for wind energy that have been verified to reduce bird kills, Hutchins said. And while FWS's goal of maintaining stable or increasing populations of eagles over 100 years is laudable, the agency needs to implement a better method for tracking eagle deaths at wind energy facilities.
6 May 2016

How prairie birds respond to wind turbines

While several studies have highlighted the direct impact of renewable energy infrastructure on North American birds — think birds colliding with turbines, for instance — researchers don’t know as much about its indirect effects on the region’s avian species including prairie birds.
5 May 2016

Feds project reduction in eagle deaths at Chokecherry and Sierra Madre wind farm

Chokecherry and Sierra Madre, the largest onshore wind farm planned in the United States, would annually kill 10 to 14 golden eagles, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service projected in a draft environmental study released Wednesday. ...Federal officials attributed the decline to several factors. The permit application submitted by the project’s developer, Power Company of Wyoming, only considers the 500 turbines proposed in the project’s first phase. A second phase calls for an additional 500 turbines.
20 Apr 2016

Bird conservation group seeks tougher siting rules for wind farms

Hutchins conceded that, “Wind is not taking as many as feral cats." But he said it’s important to consider the species involved, and whether the losses are robins from the backyard or endangered whooping cranes making a stop along their migration route. ...Only Hawaii requires that bird deaths be tallied by a third party and made available to the public, according to Hutchins. He would like to see that standard adopted nationwide.
31 Mar 2016

American Bird Conservancy names Lighthouse Wind on list of 10 worst-sited existing and proposed commercial wind projects

The nationwide survey by the ABC listed the vast numbers of migratory songbirds and raptors which rely on this area, as well as the proximity to the breeding habitat for declining grassland birds for why the Lighthouse Wind project is on the list. “(United States Fish and Wildlife Service) has expressed serious concern about this project, warning the developer that this is an area of extremely high avian use,” ABC said regarding the proposed project.
29 Mar 2016
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