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Major power line project advances

NV Energy's plan to construct a power transmission line from Ely to Las Vegas and connect it to the line that reaches north from Ely to Boulder Valley has cleared another step toward project approval. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management's Ely office has released a draft supplemental environmental impact statement on the proposed One Nevada Line, also called ON Line, and is accepting public comment through Jan. 8. ...The line opens "a pathway for renewable energy currently inaccessible in northern and eastern Nevada."
30 Nov 2009

Power lines: Lack of capacity hinders wind energy projects

The heated debate in Jefferson County over the location of a proposed transmission line carrying power from a wind farm on Galloo Island is emblematic of the problem confronting wind power development nationwide. Building the wind farms, as controversial as they may be, is one thing; getting the power to the electric grid is another. And that is proving to be the weak link in the push for wind as an alternate energy source.
29 Nov 2009

GridSolar plan still a good alternative

Maine faces two starkly different choices about the future of its electrical system. On one hand is a plan by Central Maine Power to spend $1.5 billion on massive upgrades to the electric grid. This would make CMP's current "dumb grid" even bigger and dumber; ...On the other hand is an alternative proposal by GridSolar to build a smarter grid; one that is based on energy efficiency and clean, renewable power generated right here in Maine.
29 Nov 2009

Power lines: Lack of capacity hinders wind energy projects

The heated debate in Jefferson County over the location of a proposed transmission line carrying power from a wind farm on Galloo Island is emblematic of the problem confronting wind power development nationwide. Building the wind farms, as controversial as they may be, is one thing; getting the power to the electric grid is another. And that is proving to be the weak link in the push for wind as an alternate energy source.
29 Nov 2009

Bureaucracy trips up renewable energy projects

California's renewable power boom is off to a slower start than planned. Delays have hit more than half of the big solar, wind and geothermal energy projects under development throughout the state, according to a recent government report. They're still moving forward, but not at the pace their developers expected. As a result, California probably won't meet its goal of getting 20 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by the end of 2010.
27 Nov 2009

500-plus sign canyon petition; Residents opposed to power lines

A petition asking the Texas Legislature to pass a law that would prohibit high-voltage power lines in the northern end of Palo Duro Canyon continues to grow with 522 signatures late Wednesday. The petition, posted online at on Sept. 16, is now the focus of a group called Protect North Palo Duro Canyon which is led by members of the Currie family, who own land along the route proposed by Sharyland Utilities.
26 Nov 2009

Controversial power line could be approved soon

State public utility commissioners may approve a Southern California Edison plan to run five miles of a high-voltage wind-energy power line through city neighborhoods as soon as Thursday. The news comes after a contentious meeting between city and Edison officials ...Councilman Ed Graham, who was disappointed Public Utility Commission members had not asked for a formal review of the city's planned route, expressed pessimism after watching the meeting.
26 Nov 2009

County pushes underwater route

Jefferson County legislators will consider Tuesday asking that the proposed Galloo Island Wind Farm transmission line be run completely underwater to Oswego County, rather than running over 20 miles of land in southern Jefferson County. Legislator Barry M. Ormsby, R-Belleville, said he's going to offer a resolution to ask the Public Service Commission to "give serious consideration to the aquatic line versus the above-land option." ...On Friday, Upstate NY Power said it will investigate the underwater route further.
21 Nov 2009

Transmission line gets no support

Landowners in Henderson and Ellisburg are charged up over the proposed transmission line for Galloo Island Wind Farm. They voiced their displeasure with the plan during public hearings for the Public Service Commission on Monday morning and evening in Henderson and Belleville. In fact, none of the about 50 speakers at Monday's hearings supported the project. Upstate NY Power Corp., the developer for the entire project, is seeking to build a 50.6-mile, 230-kilovolt transmission line.
17 Nov 2009

Study of energy corridors beset by complications

Supporters of liquefied natural gas terminals have thrown a late snag into what has been an orderly process to create rules for developing multibillion-dollar energy corridors in Maine. LNG representatives want to extend the current moratorium on energy corridors and create a government commission to do more reviews. Their proposal was filed late last week with the special study group already debating policy for energy corridors.
17 Nov 2009

Wind farm plan irks activists; Towers would be built in remote McCain Valley

A remote corner of East County is shaping up as a battleground between companies pushing wind farms as clean and cheap power generators and activists who view them as a blight on the landscape. It has put environmentalists in the position of opposing renewable energy because, they say, it's in the wrong place. Drawing the most attention is a plan by the Spanish conglomerate Iberdrola to build about 100 skyscraper-sized towers in and near the McCain Valley, a federal conservation area abutting Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.
15 Nov 2009

Tragedy of Tehachapi transmission project

In 2007, SCE proposed its $1.72 billion dollar Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project (TRTP) to bring renewable wind energy to Southern California. A small portion of the project passes through the community of Chino Hills. This is the only community along the 173 mile route where SCE proposes to construct 200-foot high, 60-foot wide poles within 75 feet of homes. SCE has never done this before. Nor has any utility in the country ever installed a 500,000 volt transmission line so close to existing homes. Over 1,000 homes will be within 500 feet of the line, along with daycares, places of worship and parks.
8 Nov 2009

Companies unveil power line proposal

Canadian and Irish companies announced plans Friday to build a 100-mile-long power line in Montana that could prompt construction of wind farms in the Great Falls area by giving developers access to large out-of-state markets hungry for renewable energy. ...Construction of the transmission line would spur the construction of wind projects near it, Jamison said. Gaelectric is studying wind farm construction at several sites across the state, including near Fort Benton and Havre.
7 Nov 2009

Canadian, Irish companies pursue MT power project

A Canadian transmission company and an Irish wind developer said Friday they are teaming up to pursue a central Montana power project that could result in at least $1 billion worth of new wind energy in the Great Falls area. If the project succeeds, it would give Montana's burgeoning wind energy industry room to grow - an expansion that to date has been limited by a lack of lines to move power out of the state.
6 Nov 2009

Transmission lines a highly charged subject; As routes planned, concerns arise

Wind energy in the Panhandle has become the darling of developers who see a profitable future. But establishing wind farms and erecting turbines are just part of the answer. Capturing the wind is an initial step; it's another matter to transport that energy. ...Bev Dampf recently addressed Randall County commissioners on the subject. He expressed frustration with a lack of support from the city of Amarillo and the county for opposition to a line proposed to run roughly along Sundown Lane just south of the city.
1 Nov 2009

N.M. power up for grabs; Company wants to access various energy sources in New Mexico

Moving renewable energy resources from where they could be produced to where they have a market is the goal of one of the biggest electric transmission projects conceived of in the United States. The name of the project is SunZia Southwest and what the company wants to do is take a fiber cable 460 miles from the southeastern New Mexico area to the Phoenix area. ...The ballpark figure for the completed power transmission line is $1.5 billion, Crane said. "This is a very big project," Crane said. "It is important to understand the primary purpose is to enable renewable resources.
1 Nov 2009

Provincial power deal aimed at N.E. energy markets

North America's largest utility company Hydro-Quebec has announced it will pay $4.4 billion for transmission lines of New Brunswick Power, a deal that would help the company secure greater access to electricity markets in the U.S. Hydro-Quebec announced Thursday that it expects to spend up to $23 billion over the next decade to boost its hydro electric output by 4,500 megawatts a year. Much of that will be exported to the United States and Ontario.
31 Oct 2009

LCRA unveils 11 possible routes for Hill Country power line

Eleven possible routes for a new high-voltage power line proposed to link substations in Lampasas and Gillespie counties have been filed with the Public Utility Commission by LCRA Transmission Services Corporation. The 345 kilovolt line, slated to go into operation in 2012, will cover about 90 miles and could traverse Gillespie, Llano, San Saba, Burnet and Lampasas counties, said Gaylon Finklea Hecker of the LCRA.
30 Oct 2009

Transmission project re-energized

While it appeared briefly Monday that the lights were out on a proposed high-voltage electric transmission line that would serve the state's growing wind industry, officials recharged the plan Tuesday. The Southwest Power Pool Inc.'s board of directors on Tuesday included the $518 million "Spearville line" in a package of transmission expansion projects it was forwarding for further study and probable approval. The 765-kilovolt line would go from Spearville, the site of a wind farm in southwest Kansas, to Wichita and down to the Oklahoma border, where it could hook into lines to other states.
29 Oct 2009
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