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Commission: Wyoming will need to close four coal plants to meet EPA plan

Alan Minier, the chairman of the Wyoming Public Service Commission, in a Nov. 21 letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, wrote that the federal proposal overestimates utilities' ability to improve the efficiency of their coal-fired power plants, overstates the potential growth of renewable power and errs in its calculations concerning Wyoming's natural gas generation. ...The agency assumes the state could install 9.4 million megawatt hours of low-carbon or no-carbon electricity generation by 2030. 
29 Nov 2014

US Clean Power Plan poses risks to electricity reliability

The plan envisages a wholesale shift from coal combustion towards more efficient and cleaner-burning combined cycle natural gas plants, an increase in renewables ...NERC is worried such a rapid transition will damage capacity margins, make it harder to maintain aspects of power quality and leave the grid vulnerable to extreme weather. 
10 Nov 2014

Foes renew challenge of joint wind-power venture

The three-year battle against a $333 million joint wind-power venture between First Wind and Emera took a new turn on Tuesday, when opponents to the deal filed a fresh challenge at the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. A notice of the court appeal also was filed at the Maine Public Utilities Commission.
29 Oct 2014

The battle of Ohio: clean energy vs. coal

The use of renewable energy in manufacturing, meanwhile, hovers at 8% to 9%, and it’s not guaranteed to soar. A June study by the International Renewable Energy Agency found that the figure could grow to more than a quarter by 2030, or a third if some form of carbon pricing takes effect—or, under current deployment plans and government policies, it could stagnate at 10%. 
22 Oct 2014

Bill proposes adding wind industry to 'Right to Farm' Act

“This is the most reckless wind energy proposal I have ever seen ...Rep. Irwin's bill would grant carte blanche siting freedom to utility scale wind developers. Township and county governments would be totally neutered with respect to enacting any regulations to protect their local environment, endangered species or their rural citizens.”
20 Oct 2014

FERC commissioner worries about possible 'flaw' in Northeast regulatory model

While highlighting what he said is a "lack of adequate infrastructure" in New England, Tony Clark, a member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, also told U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., in an Oct. 15 letter that he is concerned that "there is a deeper flaw in the existing electricity regulatory regimes in place throughout the Northeastern United States."
20 Oct 2014

Austin plan for renewable energy at odds with utility

But the city-owned utility, Austin Energy, has balked at the council’s proposal and said it would be too expensive for ratepayers. And since then, a debate has ensued over how to be politically progressive and economically practical at the same time. ...“It’s good to have aspirations except if the aspirations are so far afield that they are simply going to be ignored.”
17 Oct 2014

Why electric rates are rising

What about renewables? For many reasons, renewable build-out is not happening very quickly. As of last year, less than 10 percent of Vermont’s in-state electricity generation was by renewables, not counting hydro. Also, renewables are generally paired with natural gas (gas-fired plants are turned on when the wind dies down or the sun sets). So renewables are not going to be much help right now.
12 Oct 2014

The league of crony voters; Greens invest in Democratic promises to restore tax credits

At the top of the “environmental” agenda is renewal of the wind-production tax credit that expired last year. Since 1992, this credit transferred $24 billion to big companies invested in windmills, a hopelessly uneconomic power source that only works in a breeze. Naturally, the wind-energy industry wants its free money, because without the government cash, it can’t keep the lights on. 
7 Oct 2014

Residents, businesses grapple with looming electricity rate spike

Nearly half of New England’s electricity is now generated by natural gas, compared with just 15 percent in 2000. But officials say the region doesn’t have the pipeline infrastructure to match the need. The problems arise during the winter, when electric power generators and home heating companies are both vying for natural gas, which is funneled to the region through pipelines coming from the Pennsylvania area. 
5 Oct 2014

REVving up a new vision; State PSC wants to change the way consumers get electricity

Anne Reynolds, executive director of the Alliance for Clean Energy New York, an Albany-based trade group, says many companies are getting involved in the process to help shape the state's policies. She said they worry that renewable energy companies could lose business if utilities are put in charge of installing solar panels and other forms of distributed generation. There are also questions about how large-scale wind projects will fit into the new policies.
4 Oct 2014
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