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Another setback for wind power; Turbines, trimmed from 8 to 2, shot down

In the latest example of how alternative-energy projects are meeting with resistance, Bog Wind failed to win the support of the Wareham Zoning Board of Appeals. After seven public hearings over 16 months, the board unanimously denied a special permit for the two turbines requested by Beaufort Windpower on bogs off Charge Pond Road. Beaufort has until early next month to appeal the decision, filed Feb. 15.
23 Feb 2012

A Mainstream offer

The offer acknowledged complaints about turbines such as noise, shadow flicker and interference with television reception. "It is true that turbines are not silent; however, we plan carefully to ensure that our wind farms operate to acceptable levels," the offer states. ...Opponents say the state rules aren't sufficient. Mainstream also said wind turbines can affect TV reception, depending on the layout. "If we cause problems with your television reception, we will work with you to sort it out at our expense."
23 Feb 2012

Utilities board becalms wind power plans

Former Mayor Lionel Rivera, who has been a critic of the wind plan, called the decision "good news for our community." Rivera argued that Utilities won't need additional generating capacity for years to come and has invested heavily in Neumann Systems Group's clean coal technology.
23 Feb 2012

Down with wind: Group outlines problems with proposed wind farm

After the meeting, residents questioned appeared to be overwhelmingly against the project. "I am opposed to the project," Rollie Wellington said. "I am opposed from the standpoint of the economic and environmental impact and the loss of control of the land and our land value. I support this organization fully."
23 Feb 2012

Merritt Township supervisor looks to heal community wounds following wind turbine decision

"This was the toughest decision they had to make, and hopefully there won't be anymore like this," Schabel said. "It's heavy pressure, does everyone agree with it, no, but they did the best they could." ..."They studied it thoroughy," said John McQuillan, Merritt Township attorney. "That's why the Planning Commission is appointed to make this decision."
23 Feb 2012

Clean-energy ballot initiative has its quirks

Neither Richardson nor the four petitioners backing the issue have direct experience in the energy field. Richardson confirmed that she is a model and burlesque dancer, but added, "I don't see how that's relevant. It's not about us individually. I have a history of working as a political activist since I was 12 years old.
22 Feb 2012

City, district officials could enter legal dispute over wind turbine project at Sinton High School

At a City Council meeting Tuesday night, City Manager Jackie Knox quoted from a Texas Attorney General's opinion in 2009 that says cities may enforce land development regulations against a school district for aesthetics or to maintain property values. "We feel the attorney general's interpretation is what we have to go by," Knox said.
22 Feb 2012

Problems continue for Firelands' wind turbine

Ring said if the project is not moving forward by June 30, the school district will cancel the project. "I think we've extended the terms of construction long enough," he said. ...Ring could not provide specifics on the funding he said NexGen lost, and NexGen representatives did not return calls.
22 Feb 2012

Ill wind: Farmers find problems with wind power generators

Strottman bought two turbines from Earth Linked two years ago to drastically cut his monthly $1,700 electric bill. The project cost $410,000. Strottman received $123,000 in government funds and he got a loan for the balance. The farmer makes $3,700 monthly payments on the machines that currently sit idle.
20 Feb 2012

Wind farm location draws ire

"The Sandsage Prairie is an ecosystem that is very fragile, and impacting it in a large way could have an impact on the species that depend on that ecosystem," Barton said, adding that two species in particular are the longnose snake and the lesser prairie-chicken.
19 Feb 2012

Lawmakers concerned offshore wind could be too costly for consumers

Sen. Allan Kittleman, R-Howard, said he also has concerns about whether the $2-a-month cap is realistic. "My concern is the fact that when you piggyback all the costs together, it does get to be more than $2 a month," Kittleman said. O'Malley said it would probably be another five to six years before ratepayers even see a change in their utility bills.
19 Feb 2012

Lowell Wind: PSB hears opponents, sets hearing on land

The Vermont Public Service Board agreed with the towns of Albany and Craftsbury and set up a one-day technical hearing in March to look at how a road that runs through Echo Forestry lands in Eden would affect the large swath of conserved land there. The board members, in an order issued Thursday, said they want Green Mountain Power and the state of Vermont to explain why the road would not affect the proposed wildlife corridor.
18 Feb 2012

Residents settle Ubly lawsuit with wind companies

The thrust of the lawsuit was that construction and operation of the wind farm caused the plaintiffs to suffer adverse health effects, emotional distress and economic damages, according to court documents from the Huron County Clerk's office. It consisted of four counts: Private nuisance, public nuisance, negligent design of a wind farm and negligent misrepresentation.
18 Feb 2012

'Credible' report on turbines' impacts urged

In total, about 70 residents from at least a dozen towns, including groups from Fairhaven and Falmouth, attended the meeting to share their experiences and thoughts with state Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Public Health representatives. At the state's request, many also made recommendations for next steps.
17 Feb 2012
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