Library from USA

Vermont ‘Wind must be part of energy mix’? 1 Apr 2004
Kansas Don't be fooled by wind power's 'green' image 25 Mar 2004
New York As the windmill turns: residents doubt the power 24 Mar 2004
USA Coal and Wind: Thoughts on the future of generation in a high-priced and volatile natural gas market 23 Mar 2004
Vermont Moratorium on wind power needed 19 Mar 2004
Pennsylvania Letter to County Commissioners (Meyersdale, PA) re. noise 15 Mar 2004
Europe USA Wind Turbine Noise Issues: A Comprehensive Overview 11 Mar 2004
USA Renewable Energy: Vanguisher or Hapless Victim of High Natural Gas Prices 9 Mar 2004
Vermont The Fight Against Industrial Wind Power- It is Simply Common Sense 1 Mar 2004
USA Massachusetts Wind Turbine Noise Issues 1 Mar 2004
Kansas Memorandum to the Riley County Planning Board (KS) regarding the placement of industrial wind turbines in the Kansas Flint Hills 1 Mar 2004
Massachusetts USA Wind Turbine Noise Issues 1 Mar 2004
USA Wind - Facts or blowing hot air? 1 Mar 2004
Maryland Wind farms a problem, too 27 Feb 2004
Kansas Planners should emphasize scenic resources 19 Feb 2004
Vermont The High Cost of Wind 18 Feb 2004
West Virginia Mountaineer Wind Energy Center, Backbone Mountain in Tucker Co., WV 14 Feb 2004
West Virginia Correspondence re. Bat Kill: Mountaineer Wind Energy Center (W.VA) 12 Feb 2004
Europe USA Gamesa: Road and platform characteristics for assembly of G87/G90 wind turbine at site 4 Feb 2004
New York The Effects of Integrating Wind Power on Transmission System Planning, Reliability and Operations 2 Feb 2004
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