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Savannah, Skull Creek townships approve wind turbine regulations

Jan BBostelman, who described her 35 years of experience as an engineer in the power industry, said the safety regulations need to be based on the worst case scenarios of turbine failures. Dan Schmid of Dwight spoke in support of the regulations. He said European countries are much more experienced in wind development and they have larger setback distances. Germany, for example, is creating setbacks of 1,000 meters, about double the distance set in the local regulations.
16 Sep 2015

Vaisala: Western U.S. winds to rebound in 2016

Wind speeds are expected to remain lower than the historical average for the first quarter of the year in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas and the Southwest Power Pool areas where a high concentration of wind capacity has been installed.
16 Sep 2015

Wind power project misses appeal deadline

Grain Belt has stated it will continue trying to get permission to build. The company is currently engaged in a legal battle in Illinois attempting to obtain eminent domain authority. Several legal groups, including the Illinois Farm Bureau, and individual landowners, have legally opposed the project.
16 Sep 2015

Maine regulators nix Emera’s bid for new Aroostook County power line

With the decision Tuesday, the commissioners decided to move into a second phase in the case, considering the longer-term questions about the northern Maine regional grid. That includes whether there’s any benefit to ratepayers from connecting transmission lines in the area to the New England power grid, something that wind developers in the area might seek in order to reach the regional ISO-New England market.
15 Sep 2015

Groups appeal BPA’s approval of Whistling Ridge

Environmental groups Friends of the Columbia Gorge (Friends) and Save Our Scenic Area (SOSA) filed a petition for judicial review in the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals last week challenging a recent decision by the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) to approve the Whistling Ridge Energy Project’s application to connect to BPA’s energy grid.
15 Sep 2015

N.C. killing tax credits, but mandates for renewable power remain

The big news yesterday was that Republicans included no version of an extension of North Carolina’s 35% renewable energy tax credit in the budget compromise worked out by the Senate and House leadership. It will end, effectively, Dec. 31. But with the budget document finally available after months of delay, it seems clear that the leadership has dropped plans to freeze the state’s renewable energy portfolio standard.
15 Sep 2015

GOP budget compromise drops N.C. renewable energy tax credit

A compromise budget reached by Republicans in the state House and Senate, set to be announced Monday afternoon, will not include any provision to extend the credit or allow it to be reduced in steps over the next two years, sources say. It appears that a tax credit supporting renewable energy in North Carolina will be allowed to expire.
15 Sep 2015

What New England’s foolhardy, clean energy policy looks like

The billions New England wasted in the last decade on unsustainable feel-good generation assets were the same billions that should have been invested in critical, dependable, clean energy infrastructure. Specifically, our natural gas transmission constraints and our lack of access to large-scale Canadian hydro now stand as tragic examples of our grossly negligent misappropriation of resources.
14 Sep 2015

Wind industry pushes back against PTC opposition

“The public is dizzy trying to follow AWEA’s rhetoric on the PTC." The permanent elimination of the PTC would encourage the wind industry to gain even greater efficiencies to remain competitive and “shift business plans away from those [projects] based on tax avoidance to plans based on energy production — as they should be. American taxpayers, ratepayers and the wind industry would be better served.”
14 Sep 2015

Regulating wind turbines now a township issue

By a 3-1 margin, township voters approved limitations on the development of turbines within the township that surrounds David City on the north, east and south sides. ...Residents also voted 33-11 to require 1,640-foot setbacks between the turbines and the nearest township road and any nearby property whose owner is not part of the development. The regulation also placed limits on the noise created by turbines during overnight hours.
13 Sep 2015

Greenwich wind farm opponents plan to appeal; It seems unlikely construction will happen soon

Randazzo contends the Ohio Power Siting Board made a big mistake by ignoring a state law which says the turbines must obtain the consent of adjacent landowners if the turbines don't meet requirements for minimum setbacks, i.e. the distances between the turbines and property lines. Ledet contends that 62 percent of the wind turbines violate those minimum setback requirements.
13 Sep 2015

Appeals court blasts Obama admin's view of key bird law

Eric Glitzenstein, of Meyer Glitzenstein & Eubanks LLP, said the 5th Circuit adopted "an extraordinarily narrow and, in ABC's view, legally bankrupt view of the MBTA's scope that severely undercuts the act's -- and the underlying treaties' -- broad bird protection purposes." "Most courts have correctly concluded that the MBTA's prohibition on taking birds without an MBTA permit encompasses bird deaths resulting from inherently hazardous activities -- such as maintaining uncovered oil tanks and operating wind turbines in the habitat of migratory birds," he said.
12 Sep 2015

Town of Somerset hires Vacco in legal fight against Apex wind power project

The Town of Somerset has hired former state Attorney General Dennis C. Vacco to lead a legal fight against Apex Clean Energy’s proposed wind power project, and Apex may have to pay for it. Supervisor Daniel M. Engert said the town, and the anti-wind power citizens group Save Ontario Shores, or SOS, are allowed to apply to the state Public Service Commission for “intervenor funds” that would have to come out of the pocket of the Virginia wind turbine company.
11 Sep 2015

Fort Fairfield residents air support for wind ordinance

Langley, who along with others on the committee visited Mars Hill, said the proposed one-mile setback would largely prevent “shadow flicker,” the rotating shadows cast by the blades turning in the sun. ...Langley said, average noise levels at the edge of a proposed turbine’s participating property line would be measured before development, as a baseline, and noises from the eventual operating turbine could only increase by five decibels.
11 Sep 2015

Final Kingston Independence wind turbine report is released

In a letter to the Board of Health Thursday,the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, said that while a public comment process did not lead to changes in the draft report’s findings, “the process did identify a number of areas where the study methodology could be presented more clearly.” The Board of Health has been waiting for the release of the final report and review by town counsel to schedule a public hearing to discuss further mitigation measures."
11 Sep 2015

Town of Forest responds to Court to remanding PSC decision on Highland Wind project

The Town has long fought and will continue to oppose the Highland Wind Farm project, which would place 42 500-foot tall wind turbines close to homes. The Shirley Wind Farm project, a wind farm designed by the same company behind the Highland Wind Farm project and which uses similar turbines, has been declared a public health hazard by the Brown County Board of Health after its excessive noise led families to abandon their homes. 
10 Sep 2015
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