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Parker kicks off his campaign for governor

Parker said he was in favor of wind power and while he acknowledged it would sometimes be a hard sell to get the turbines on to some of the state's ridgelines, Parker said he was committed to increasing the number of wind power generators.
2 Feb 2006

Northeast Kingdom lawmakers test wind

The consensus among the lawmakers seems to be that wind developers' proposals for wind turbines are moving too quickly to the Public Service Board for approval before communities have a chance to fully explore what they would mean. This is a discussion that is overdue at the Statehouse. Lawmakers should call for a time-out on the permitting of commercial wind farms. The people of Vermont deserve a chance to understand the impact of 400-foot-tall turbines on the ridgelines -- before they are built.
1 Feb 2006

State needs farmers for wind test

State officials are looking for a few farmers to test the wind with more than a wet index finger. Michigan State University will place five anemometers around the state to measure wind velocity, the first step in gauging whether wind generators are feasible statewide.
1 Feb 2006

International Experience With Implementing Wind Energy

Implementingwindenergy_thumb International Experience With Implementing Wind Energy examines the relative costs, advantages and disadvantages of wind generation. In addition, the report explores infrastructure issues, public attitudes toward wind development, and the various policy instruments used to support the development of wind energy in countries that are leaders in implementing wind energy.
1 Feb 2006

Consider urban windmills - Instead of spoiling the looks around DeHart Dam, mayor could locate energy source within the city

Had Mayor Stephen R. Reed come forth with a windmill project that tapped Harrisburg's wind assets, we would have been enthusiastic supporters. Instead, he proposes building a wind farm in rural Clarks Valley, on the ridges above the city's DeHart Reservoir, and marring one of the last large tracts of wild country left in eastern Pennsylvania.
1 Feb 2006

Wind Advisory

As a boat angler who haunts Nantucket Sound, I'm especially concerned about its fish resources. Yet whenever I have sought solace from Cape Wind and the Corps in the form of cogent answers to my questions, I've gotten only what they hope to harness--wind.
1 Feb 2006
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