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Citizens seek moratorium on Wind Farm Towers

It wasn't a selfish case of N.I.M.B.Y. - the "Not In My Back Yard" syndrome -- that inspired Aaron Fisher and a couple of other Spanish Fork residents to rise to the podium at the February 7, 2006 City Council meeting and state their case against wind towers. The concerned property owners just wanted to take pause, investigate what it is that Wasatch Wind, LLC is building in the Spanish Fork Canyon and get community approval to continue with the testing of the 82 meter meteorological tower which Wasatch Wind has installed to verify wind speeds.
16 Feb 2006

Need to elect political leadership willing to represent all the people

County officials in other states have been flat out turning down industrial wind development, mostly because they took the time to understand how huge wind turbines would negatively affect their region–unlike our officials who simply signed on the dotted line, even asking for an expedited approval without having the normal evaluation period.
16 Feb 2006

Involve public in wind turbine issue

On the flip side, the jury is still out on a number of issues regarding wind power. Local officials have decried the lack of environmental studies done in advance of the test site to determine the impact on local migratory bird populations and other wildlife.
16 Feb 2006

WE Energies Explains Windmill Farm Plan

Plans for a large windmill farm in Fond du Lac County drew mixed reviews. WE Energies says the $250 million project includes 88 wind turbines, each over 250 feet tall. The windmill farm would span hundreds of acres covering land in both the towns of Calumet and Marshfield, hovering over Highway 41, in the northeast corner of the county.
15 Feb 2006

Letter to state rep about wind power

My state representative, Lucy Leriche, got back to me about my concern about her vote at the Northeast Kingdom Caucus meeting last week in favor of industrial development of our ridgelines. She clarified her position, which seems to be "trust the Public Service Board." I wrote back to her and clarified mine.
14 Feb 2006
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