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Hoosac Wind project sold

FLORIDA — An international energy company with a proven track record in massive wind-power projects has purchased the rights to the Hoosac Wind Project, despite its current legal limbo.
17 Feb 2006

Time to get real about energy

Leonhard states that the well-meaning hybrid car owners are driving "an expensive symbol that they are worried about our planet, rather than a true solution." The same can be said for industrial wind on Vermont ridgelines. It would be a very expensive symbol, while allowing polluters to continue to pollute elsewhere, slowing the growth in the average air pollution, but not reducing it significantly.
17 Feb 2006

Wind farm could face delay

SPANISH FORK - A slow-moving project to create Utah's first wind farm could grind to a halt this spring. A group of residents unimpressed with the idea of 300-foot-high turbines whirling overhead at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon will ask the City Council next week for a six-month moratorium on the project.
17 Feb 2006

Reilly names attorney to defend Cape Wind ruling

As the state's top attorney, Reilly would normally lead the board's defense against an appeal filed by the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound when the Supreme Judicial Court in Suffolk County begins its review of the appeal in the next few months, with hearings expected later in the year. Instead, Reilly, who opposes the Cape Wind plan, has recused himself and appointed a special assistant attorney general from outside his office to represent the state board against charges that its approval process contained "procedural and substantive" flaws.
16 Feb 2006

Power grid bill pros and cons aired for panel

AUGUSTA -- A bill that allows the Maine Public Utilities Commission to pull Maine out of the New England power grid won endorsements from several large manufacturers at a legislative hearing Wednesday, but opponents warned that it could hurt Maine consumers in the long run.
16 Feb 2006
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